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University Evening College campus at Mangalagangothri, located about 20 km to the south-east of the historic coastal town of Mangalore, sets the tone for the educational endeavours of the three districts under the jurisdiction of the University. Under-graduate and postgraduate courses in the distance education mode have been introduced for the benefit of students to promote higher education through non-formal means through the distance education mode. The rationale of the distance education mode is to make learning accessible for those who, for various reasons, cannot avail the benefit of regular courses.


University Campus




Also recognized as a Green Campus:  secured the first place nationally and 139th place globally during 2020 in the Global Green metrics rankings initiated by the Universitas Indonesias a decade ago. During the Covid-19 pandemic, online classes  held for students from May onwards even during lockdown and examinations conducted as per Government and UGC directives during September/October 2020, and results announced soon thereafter. Special exams conducted for those who could not take the regular examinations, during December. An important student-friendly initiative enabling outstation students to take exams in special centres recognized for the purpose in states such as Manipur in the North-East, and even abroad in Bhutan and Sri Lanka, besides having examination centres all over the state to facilitate students from other districts, and permitting local hostel students within the distrust to write their exams in the colleges nearest to their homes.


Facilities in University Evening College



Computer lab


The Computer Centre, Mangalore University started in the year 1990 to provide computational services. The Computer Centre well equipped with reasonably good computer system environment and manned by a team of qualified professionals. Upgraded from time to time to provide the best computational infrastructure.




USIC a central facility created under UGC scheme. Take care of instruments used in teaching and research . Various science departments costly and sophisticated equipments for their teaching and research purposes. Bringing all the major equipments under USICs is one of the major objectives in creating these centres. Also visualized to start courses on instrumentation after complete development of centres in three phases.




  1. Electrical/Electronic Workshop: The workshop consists of Analog/Digital IC Testers, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, LCRQ Meter, Power Supplies, Analog/Digital Multimeters etc. Repairing and servicing of all types of electrical /electronic and analytical instruments undertaken in this workshop.
  2. Mechanical Workshop: Mechanical workshop consists of machines such as Lathe, Cutting, Bending, Grinding and Drilling machines and necessary tools. Designing and fabrication of mechanical gadgets required for research and teaching  undertaken in the workshop.
  3. Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Workshop


 Microtron Centre


The Microtron facility set up by Mangalore University in the year 1995 in collaboration with the Raja Ramanna Centre to strengthen ongoing research programs .  The Microtron Centre established as a Regional Centre for Electron Accelerators under the Department of Studies in Physics.




The Department conducts a number of inter-collegiate, inter-university programs Research etc., In all, we conduct 51 inter-collegiate sports programs every year. Out of which, 25 events  conducted for men and 26 events conducted for women.

To promote the traditional and folk games within the Mangalore University jurisdiction,


International student centre


The International Student Centre established in year 2011 as an independent unit of Mangalore University

The Centre works as a liaison office between international students, foreign missions, and national agencies, on the one hand, the University administration, postgraduate departments, colleges affiliated to the Mangalore University and other research institutions linked to the University.

The main objective of the Centre is to provide necessary information to the international candidates seeking admission

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