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Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, owned and administered by the Carmelite Sisters of St Teresa (CSST). Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ whose values were Love, Peace, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Equality, Joy, and Service. As a minority institution, it continues to enjoy the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. CSST was founded on 24 April 1887 by Mother Teresa of St Rose of Lima.

Mary Grace. Born in Madras, South India, on 29 January 1858, her radical views and ideology opened up a new and glorious chapter for Indian women. As a woman of substance and perseverance, Mary Grace thought beyond her times and chose to take a leap of faith in the field of education.

Deeply involved in spreading the light of God’s love through her quest for human rights, caste reconciliation, gender justice, and social justice, she envisioned a new world committed to women’s empowerment. As a Catholic and a Carmelite Institute, it strives to promote the development of young minds by amalgamating the human persona, life, and the world. The management and the staff, faithful to the spirit of Mother Teresa, pay tribute to her vision by transforming students into citizens who are worthy of God, the Nation, and the World.





At Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, our ideologies revolve around fine-tuning students’ critical thinking abilities and sensibilities to transform them into socially conscious and responsible individuals. Through a holistic developmental approach, our students are guided to rise to their highest potential . We open the floor for deliberations and discourses and enable our students to explore myriad possibilities. We strive to ensure that they are empathetic, proactively responding to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, and working to empower the marginalized in society.

Our collective, interdisciplinary and holistic approach equips our students to accentuate their skill sets, and constantly remain inquisitive and curious as thinkers and students. Further abiding by the light of the “Civilization of Love”, i.e., the Kingdom of God, we promote our Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima’s visionary outlook.

To equip students through value-based, quality-driven, and holistic-oriented education with a vision to uplift society, and to empower the socially and economically marginalized while simultaneously, creating a ‘Civilization of Love’.


Facilities in Mount Carmel College




MCC is host to one of the largest Information and Knowledge Centres in Bengaluru.  Enhance the quality of learning and research by continuously updating our resources and services. Currently, the Central Library of our college situated on the ground floor of the LSCB Block .

Also equipped with academically superior e-resources . Through our Institutional Membership, more than 6000+ e-journals and 31,35,000+ e-books can be accessed under the project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)” of INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad.

Our E-Resource Centre comprises of 40 hi-tech systems for students to access materials with ease. In addition to this, the library has fast Wi-Fi connectivity enabling students to study on their laptops, too. To facilitate user convenience, we have implemented RFID Technology in the Library with KIOSK and Dropbox facilities.



Our 3 auditoriums stand as iconic edifices with large seating capacity and technologically advanced sound systems renowned for their acoustic quality. These auditoriums provide our students with a platform to explore their talents.



Offer students the opportunity to explore their physical prowess. By developing gymnasiums and courts, we have revolutionized our campus to help students achieve success.



By creating a well-equipped campus, we have secured a conducive environment for learning through laboratories with the latest equipment. We also have well-trained laboratory staff who assist our highly qualified teaching faculty.



Apart from creating a wholesome environment for academic excellence fuelled by food for thought. Provide an array of eateries spread across the campus.



Provide our students with the comforts of home and the experience of residing within college culture. Equipped with all facilities for students’ needs .



Our Chapel stands testimony to the philosophy of our College. Chapel represents our ethos and encourages us to work towards a better tomorrow, every day.




6th semester is the time to sit for placements and get yourself a job. There are a large number of companies that visit the campus for recruitment including EY, Dell, Deloitte, HDFC so on.


Internships Opportunities :


Internships are available in NGOs based on students’ interests. There are a few NGO visits and events also.

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