BSc Interior Designing

About The Course

B.Sc. Interior Designing or Bachelor of Science in Interior Designing(BSID) is an undergraduate Fashion and Interior Designing course. The course is often abbreviated as BID which is like Bachelor of Interior Design (B.I.D.) so know which one you are joining beforehand even though both are about Interior Designing and some institutes offer the latter with duration of 4-5 years. Interior design describes a group of various related projects that involve turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities that are to take place there. Students of Bachelor of Science in Interior Design will learn to visualize and display interior design ideas and plans. The course provides extensive knowledge in a range basic and advanced interior design and business courses. In addition to this, students are also required to undergo training for numerous computer related courses, such as 3-D design and space management, CAD, graphic design and other display and design software. The duration of the course is three years and it opens many fields for the candidates after its completion

More Details About BSc Interior Designing

B.Sc. Interior Designing Eligibility

A pass in 10+2 examination or its equivalent from a recognised school board in India.

B.Sc. Interior Designing Course Suitability
  • Candidates must have teamwork ability as they will have to communicate with clients to assess what they want and need in a space, and then present your ideas for meeting those goals in a compelling way.
  • They should have artistic ability and style as they need to need to provide sketches of your proposed designs for space. CAD training may also come in handy since the interior design process often involves using computer programs to create two and three-dimensional renderings.
  • Another important thing is organizational skills as they need to complete a wide range of tasks and work with many different people, organizational skills are important.
  • Applicants who are willing to have master’s degree and then for further research work also are suitable for the course.
How is B.Sc. Interior Designing Course Beneficial?
  • Self-employment is a good option for them or does contract work on top of jobs at design firms. When deciding where you want to work, you must evaluate the risks and rewards for yourself.
  • Another benefit is that as your interior design career progresses, you may discover a preference for one type of interior design over another. You can specialize in designing for corporate settings, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals or other healthcare facilities, or you may decide to focus on residential design.
  • They have also a good option for further studies like master’s degree and after that research studies.
  • They can find jobs mainly in commercial settings such as schools, corporate, hotels, and hospitals.
B.Sc. Interior Designing Employment Areas
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Freelancing (Interior Design)
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Event Management Agencies
  • Design Marketing Companies
B.Sc. Interior Designing Job Types
  • Sales Representative
  • Technical Assistant
  • Assistant Interior Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Facilities Planner
  • Interior Design Fresher Trainee
  • Studio Mentor & Architect/Interior Designer
Advance Courses in B.Sc. Interior Designing
  • M.Sc. (Interior Design)
  • Ph.D. (Interior Design)
After completing B.Sc. Interior Designing you can become:

Interior Designer

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