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The Institute of Management and Commerce earlier named asSrinivas Institute of Management Studies at Srinivas University is committed to provide a conducive learning environment which ensures comprehensive development of students and make them competent, confident and good citizens.

Our programmes ensure a coherent degree structure  thereby facilitate interdisciplinary training. We believe that interdisciplinary training is the way to go because the business environment is changing . It is our goal to provide  students with an academic and research background as well as a practical field experience .

The Institute of Management and commerce believes in serious academic pursuit and encourages original and innovative thinking with regard to national and internationally relevant ideas and policies through intellectually stimulating debates and discussions at all levels. The college has built its reputation with a dedicated goal of adding value to life and professional standards.


Training and Placements




  1. Industry experts as well as Professionals cover the following areas -• Soft-skills
    • Life-skills
    • Interview techniques
    • Group Discussion
    • Personality Development
    • Written/ Aptitude test  and other relevant Competencies.







Library is in modern world of information explosion an effective library and information service is a basic necessity of every educational Institution. This library is growing day to day with the inception of new courses of Aviation Management, Logistic & Supply Chain Management. This library is to support the entire teaching, research and extension activities under this university campus at Pandeshwar.

Libraries are universally recognized as important social institution for diffusion of knowledge and information. No community, institution or organization is considered complete without the support of a library and its services. The gradual spread of the concept of democracy, extension or education, growth of research activities, rapid industrialization, continuous increase in production of recorded knowledge both in print and non-print media, and advancement in information transfer, computer and communication technologies have contributed to the growth of libraries and information centers as well as to the development of user oriented services.


Campus life


A student’s experience at College of Business Management and commerce goes far beyond the reaches of pure academic training, encompassing an all-round development of mind, body and soul. The years that students spend at the campus thus designed to be the most fulfilling years in their life. Life, at the Institute, is vibrant and exciting, transforming students into all round individuals.

Along with gruelling hard work, fun at the Institute has been a way of life, be it celebrating the Independence Day, organizing Shramdan, or an Excursion. Besides co-curricular, extra-curricular and social activities, festivals such as Onam, Diwali, New Year Day, Holi, Kite Flying Festival, etc. also celebrated with full spirit by the students on the campus. Welcoming the new batch of students and bidding farewell to the graduating classes are other occasions that students celebrate with great fanfare.

The college also strongly believes in experiential learning of its students. The students then exposed to hands on training through the platforms of various functional area clubs. These students managed Forums and cells meet weeklyand organize workshops etc. The extra-curricular activities also provide a platform to the students . These activities also offer opportunities to the students for keeping their hobbies alive.

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