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St Josephs College of Commerce, Bangalore formerly a part of St. Joseph’s College was established in the year 1882 as an educational initiative by the French foreign mission Fathers. In 1937, the management of the college was handed over to the Jesuits, a worldwide Catholic religious order with a special focus on education. Loyola College, Chennai, St. Xavier’s College Calcutta and St. Xavier’s College Mumbai are the other premier institutions in India run by the Jesuit Order. The Department of Commerce was established in the parent college in 1949. In 1972, this department became an independent college under the name St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. It became an autonomous institution in October 2004. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce was recognized as a “College with Potential for Excellence” in February 2010 by UGC.


College Motto



The motto of the College is ‘Fide et Labore’ (‘Faith and Toil’), which serves as an inspiration behind the vision and mission of the college to give shape to a society full of all-inclusive minds to cater to the inherent diversity of our country. From the beginning, the College has been striving to be a state of the art institution for commerce education. The thrust has been on transforming commerce a multi-dimensional academic field. Currently it enjoys an A++ grade with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The college has been proactive to the significant changes and developments in the domain of higher education as well as business and commerce.





The ‘Mission’ is derived from the Vision and is the raison d’etre of the College.
St. Joseph’s College of Commerce seeks to be the place where search for knowledge complements a sense of responsibility to the life of the community, where understanding is coupled with commitment, and where academic excellence goes with the cultivation of virtue.
The College seeks to be a place which sustains women and men in their pursuit of education and fostering their conviction that life is only lived well when it is lived generously in the service of others.


Vision – St Josephs College of Commerce



Jesuit Education, inspired and motivated by the eventful life of Jesus Christ affirms that;
• God is the author and sustainer of all reality and truth.
• Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God.

Jesuit institutions are therefore, committed to;

• An authentic search for knowledge in the  advancement of the world.







The Library is an integral component of the institution ever since its inception in 1972. The Library offers vital support for teaching, learning, research activities of the College by disseminating knowledge and offering modern services to the academic fraternity. It is fully automated using Easy Lib software for its housekeeping operations.


Computer Centre


The College has two well-equipped computer labs located in the first floor of the college building. The Lab is fully air conditioned (six units of 2 tons capacity each) with an infrastructure facility to lodge 160 computer systems. Special electrification with UPS power backup is provided for all computers. Fire Extinguisher equipment is also provided to meet the unforeseen eventualities.Both the Labs are equipped with two IBM Servers with 160 nodes connected through Local Area network which interconnected with OFC internet connections, Wireless connection through Cyberoam Firewall. The other facility provided by the lab includes – CCTVSurveillance Monitoring System, College Digital ID Card Printing Machine, Audio Visual Setup, Scanning and Printing among others.


AV Room


The institution has five large Audio-Visual (AV) rooms equipped with the latest audio-visual aids. Each of the AV rooms is of varied seating capacity. One could use an AV room by making prior reservations. The MIB students have full access to these AV rooms for the purpose of making subject presentations and to take maximum advantage of these facilities.




The college has 2 auditoriums to cater to the specification of various events and programmes.
Apart from inter-class cultural activities, the college hosts a calendar of events and programmes which held in the auditorium. The college has played host to a number of seminars and events of national prominence as well.


Wifi Campus


College has an integrated Wi-Fi facility to students and faculty members to provide access to the resources available on the internet and intranet.




The canteen of SJCC known for its appetising meals and lip smacking sacks. It is the haven for students to unwind after long hours of classes. A variety of cuisines and palatable dishes served to cater to the diversified students coming from various regions across the country. The canteen also has two vending machines where the students buy snacks for their short breaks. Mid-day meals  organised in the canteen for the students eligible fall under the category of scheme benefits offered by the college.


Conference Halls


The conference hall was built for the purpose of accommodating delegates during national seminars and events as well as foreign exchange students. Also utilised to conduct faculty meetings and is handy during the time of admissions. The hall equipped with an over-head projector and other audio-visual aids.


IT Facilities


College embraces state-of-the-art IT facilities to its students so that they can utilize these resources to reach greater heights. To enable this, the college frequently updates its IT facilities across the campus including classrooms, seminar hall, auditorium to name a few. All classrooms have well equipped with LCD projectors and audio visual systems. The entire campus  monitored by CCTV facility. The CCTV installed across the campus to monitor the campus activities. Wireless connection facilities through Sophos Firewall. Staff members and students can access through their mobile phone, tablet or laptop in the College campus. Information about upcoming events will  posted on the website, ERP, SMS service, Digital Signage. ERP helps students and parents to monitor their attendance, marks and assignments. The technology at college constantly updated.


ICT Enabled Classrooms


Well equipped with interactive, multimedia and rich with content enabled. Teachers extensively use laptops, projectors and speakers that enhances and optimises the mode of delivery. ICT-enabled classrooms makes the learning and teaching process interesting, creative and more inclusive. Students engage in activities designed to provide adequate hands on experience. ICT would help classrooms to upgrade from old teaching methodology from text books to the e-books and black board to interactive board in electronic mode.


Online Content Development Facilities


Electronic content  also known as digital content. It refers to the content or information delivered over network based electronic devices. The Media Lab provides with high configuration Intel i9 computers and Mac system with popular media production software like Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite. Equipment’s like high quality photo scanners, DSLR cameras, microphones, and other audio peripherals. Staff members of media lab sufficiently skilled to help with various projects on a video presentation, editing, creating images for a research paper.


ERP Room


The ERP Department runs with the State of Art Infrastructure hardware and ERP Software with a dedicated team of Professionals.
This team offers dedicated backend support for all service request from the Management, Faculty, students and various other stake holders.
Keeping the evolving hardware technology the new software has moved to the Cloud platform with necessary backup and security features.
Students, Staff and Parents have access to up-to-date information using the respective portals.
ERP Software takes care of the complete life cycle of students starting from Admissions, Enrollments and Academic Performance along with Fee collections integrated with Online Payment gateway for Digital payments.

The following are the features available in ERP


  1. Academic Management System
  2. Outcome Based Education (OBE)/Rubrics Module
  3. Admission Management
  4. Examination Management
  5. Feedback Management
  6. Fee Collection Management
  7. Course Planner
  8. Room Bookings
  9. Staff Evaluation
  10. Student Performance-Attendance, Online Marks card, Leave Management
  11. Online assignments and submission
  12. Online Quiz/Tests
  13. Parent Portal
  14. Various Reports




  • 200mts Athletic Track
  • Basketball Court
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Football Field
  • Hockey Field
  • Sports room displayed with trophy
  • Table Tennis Court
  • Cricket




Cultural Facilities


At St. Joseph’s College of Commerce the importance of cultural activities to support and enhance academic activities given due value. The college has around 17 associations ranging from College Teams to Art and Cultural associations. The College Student Council organises two main fests – Kalotsav : an intra-collegiate cultural fest and Dhwani : an intra-collegiate cultural fest. In addition to this, the college associations pertaining to B.Com and BBA departments oragnise specific fests like Chanakya, Virtuoso, Cipher, etc. The language and cultural associations also hold talks, competitions and fests like Ellipsis, Encarta and others where resource persons working in the field of art, writing and music are invited to educate and inform students. The Hashmi Theatre Forum of the college specially nurtures budding performance artistes in the art of Theatre. It also holds an annual fest called Enact and conducts performance theory certificate courses for the students.

The Loyola and Xavier Auditoriums conducive to the hosting of such cultural events. Many professional artistes also invited to the college fests and to conduct workshops for students.


Differently Abled Friendly Campus


The College has facilitated provisions for the differently-abled students who need special arrangements for their mobility and independent functioning. At SJCC special care taken to make provisions and support the differently abled students at all junctures during their three year degree course. Well equipped with two lifts, ramps, railings in stairs and washrooms, braille software in the library. Besides, a provision for wheel chair at the gate with the security made available to students as and when they require it. Besides, the Department of Examination also has certain facilities to provide the differently abled students an amicable ambience for taking exams.


Gender Sensitivity


Safety and Security


Gender equity, safety of women and sensitisation is an important aspect of the SJCC environment and culture. The college plays an important role in the spreading of awareness regarding gender sensitisation and women’s issues by organising various events that focus on the same. In the past, the college has organised talks on violence against women – both online and offline; workshops on women and writing  held by the Association for Arts, Literature and Music; and sessions informing the women students on menstrual health and use of menstrual cups held by the Women’s Forum. The college also celebrates Eves day – where the girl child and her issues addressed and women of the college commended. The college associations organise talks and conduct orientation programmes, every year on relevant issues of gender equity and its understanding for the benefit of all students.


Counselling centre


The counselling centre of the college provides emotional and psychological support to the students of the college, with respect to various issues of which gender-related issues are a substantial part. The Counselling centre organises sessions on Women empowerment, safety, and matters of sensitisation like human trafficking and domestic violence.


Common Rooms


The college campus also designed to create a safe environment that respects and upholds the expression of gender equality. Consequently, we have strategically placed CCTV cameras and security personnel to ensure the safety of all. The Campus provides separate washrooms for boys and girls. They are provided with common rooms and lockers as well. Separate changing rooms for sports students – both girls and boys – are provided in the gym area. The college also ensures the appropriate provision and disposal of sanitary napkins.





St. Joseph’s College of Commerce offers placement and career support to students on and off campus. The Training cell organises skill development sessions and the pre-placement activities help the students prepare themselves for the internship programmes and campus placements. The placement process is thus, an ecosystem that aids students and provides assistance with career guidance and placement. The Placement Cell has maintained database of companies made available to the students who need help for finding internship in the fields of their choice. Also, off campus placement assistance continually provide to the students who are not placed through the cell as and when companies approach with their requirements. As a concluding part of placement activities, the cell initiates a formal feedback mechanism via structured questionnaires to be filled by the companies visiting the institution to enable continuous enhancement of student quality.




Aim at enabling the students to get a practical exposure to the working/functioning of the industry by providing an opportunity to substantiate their classroom learning with practical experience. Internships a compulsory part of the Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce as  believed that internships facilitate the integration of theoretical learning with its application and practice in the workplace. Following are the different types of internships that the students expected to complete during their Semester Break to experience the changing cultures of a fast-paced work environment and their impact on the global economy.


Corporate Internships
Social Sector Internship
Start-Up Internship
Corporate Internship or Teaching Practice of Post – Graduate Students

Training Programs:


Pre Placement Process and Skill Development


Comprises of activities to prepare the pre final/final year students of the institution for the placement opportunities in their outgoing year. Activities ranging from career mapping, career guidance, and workshops on aptitude, soft skills, technical skills to excel in interviews organised for students. Industry-academia interface is another focal area for the cell, through which it has courses, seminars and guest talks in collaboration with companies during the academic year. Second year students take up corporate internships to help them in easy transition to the final recruitment process.


Workshops conducted:


XamFirst Workshop
Industry Awareness and Breakthrough Workshop
Skill the Gap workshop
XamFirst Education Pvt. Ltd
A One-day State Level Seminar

Affiliation – St Josephs College of Commerce


Affiliated to Bangalore City University
Accredited with A++ Grade  by NAAC
Recognized under Section 2(f) and 12B of the UGC Act.

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Now Open UTC + 5.5
  • Monday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Tuesday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Thursday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Saturday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Sunday Day Off

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