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Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College of Education



Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College of Education is governed and managed by a charitable trust – Shree Venkatesha Shiva Bhakthi Yoga Sangha, Karnataka Societies Act. The governing body  believes in transforming the downtrodden section of the society into strong and self reliant cittizens through the bond of unity and the universal message of Brahma Shree Narayana Guru ‘Educate to be free organize to be strong’.





It was an era, when higher education was considered as the privilege of a few in the society. Many young aspirants of higher education, with poor upbringing knocking at the doors of many institutions in Mangalore, had to return emptyhanded unable to get a seat to pursue their studies. Naturally they had to discontinue their education with a lot of frustration. At that time, a farsighted leader Sri Janardhan Poojary, Ex-Minister of State for Finance, Government of India, expressed his concern before the members of Shree Venkatesha Shiva Bhakthi Yoga Sangha that, there is no substitute to education to bring an individual from the lower rung to the position of strength and confidence. Therefore, to infuse strength and confidence in the underprivileged, neglected, and not so meritorious sections of the society, the establishment of an educational institution is the only way out.


Objectives –  Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College of Education



Core objective to lay stress on care and concern for the underprivileged sections apart from other educational, idealisms. It is equally important that values are reflected in the functioning of our institution. Also establish a learning center for ‘deprived ones’ so as to shape their future in the right perspective. With this noble and scholastic thinking, Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College came into existence.


Facilities in Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College of Education





Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College is carving a niche through the highest standard of infrastructural facilities, with a College Campus, spread around 1-31 acres of land (Built in area 4942.38 Sq. Mt).




Institutional facilities include spacious Classrooms, Principal’s Chamber, Staff rooms, and student rest room, Computerised lab, generator facility, Xerox facility, indoor and outdoor Sports and games including a multigym.




We have well equipped Science lab, Psychology Lab, Language lab and Computer Lab with Internet facility.




Institutional Library consists of 24,142 volumes costing Rs.27,54,707, ranging from academics subjects to Indian culture and ethos. The Library also subscribes to different educational journals and magazines.

The well furnished College Library posseses a spacious reading room section and reference section, with a qualified Librarian and support staff.


Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities


Intellectual, social, moral, emotional and cultural development of the student is the prime goal. Based on these principles, all curricular and co-curricular activities are planned to develop a complete integrated personality. Many co-curricular activities are provided for the students. These include literary, Quiz, NSS, NCC, sports & games, fine arts, karate, yoga, HRD etc.

Every student will be encouraged to participate in his or her field of interest. Students will also be sent to participate in the inter collegiate, state level and national level competitions.



The responsibility of an institution lies in shaping the all round development of the student fraternity.  To enable students to accomplish the mission of the college we have a student’s council consisting of elected President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Class Representatives and nominated members of the various associations which function under the guidance of a student council adviser.



Excellence in communication is a key to personal and professional success. Through public speaking, extemporaneous, debates, creative writing, the literary skill of the students can be nurtured.



It strives to nurture among student a sense of social and civic responsibility, to acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude, to develop the capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and practice national integration.



It energizes and revitalizes one’s body.  It activates the inner energy and frees it from all inhibitions and restrictions which are blocked either physically or emotionally.  Students are provided with modern facilities to enable them to harness their skills in games like Volley ball, Throw Ball, Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi, Athletics, Power Lifting, Kho-Kho, Wrestling, Chess, Carrom, Tennykoit, and Table Tennis.  Two separate multi Gymnasiums for boys and girls has been installed by utitlizing U.G.C. grants.



Strives to develop the skills necessary for social and cultural growth and inspire them to become creative artists.



To inculcate or transmit a set of values  imparted ,which conducive to the societal needs among the students fraternity.



It aims at development of leadership, character, comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship and the ideal of service.  It strives to create a force of disciplined and trained manpower which in a national emergency could be of assistance to the country and to provide training for students with a view to obtain entry in Armed forces.



To develop the writing skill of the students and to give expression and exposure of literary and artistic talents of the students, our college has provided a platform to the students in form of the wall magazine called ‘Chethana’.



To enhance the rich cultural legacy of our regional language and provides a forum to develop students literary talents through various programmes and workshops.



Enhance the communication skill of the students and enable them as competitors in the modern globalised economy. The English Association of our college organizes spoken English classes inorder to develop the English language and enables students to be on par in the global scenario



Enable students to develop their skills in the national language and to create a sense of pride in the Hindi language as well as to master the art of communication which in the long run will help their careers.



Deliver quality education of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise.



Nurture talents and potentialities so as to face the challenges of the future with great care and wisdom



Meets once in a year and deliberates on the pressures of the student community .



Expresses  gratefulness to the alma mater by rendering scholarships, organizing guest lectures, felicitating achievers.



Forum catering to the empowerment of the women folk  by creating  an awareness of their rights and duties.



Provide free mid day meals to the poor students  by making provisions to partake food in Shree Gokarnanatheshwara Temple.



Meals and eatables at subsidized rates made available to the student fraternity



It enables students with opportunities to gain marketable workskills which inturn can lead to employment avenues.



Meritorious students awarded scholarships inorder to pursue their studies unhampered.  Post Matric , Beedi, SC/ST/Defense and Ex servicemen, Government  of India,  National Merit Scholarship and fee concessions available to the students.  Besides, these government concessions, the Management and the Alumni also instituted several scholarships.


The Management of the College extends its generosity through charitable service to the community by conducting free medical camp . Localities and the general public in the city of Mangalore are the beneficiaries of this free medical facility.



Enables to develop competencies and evolve strategies, viz job oriented courses skill development.


Aims & Objectives of the Institution:



The College  produce useful, intelligent, patriotic, emotionally integrated, morally strong, healthy young men and women .

Care and Courtesy
Integrity and Transparency
Initiative and Innovation

To ensure and enhance the quality of young buds through quality education and relevance to less privileged in particular.




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