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SEA college of Science Commerce & Arts believes in a value driven organisational culture that motivates students, staff and our faculty members to think of education as something that helps to unfold and express oneself to be performer and achievers through learning and self realisation. The campus propagates as family culture where members accept each others strengths and weakness, pain and pleasures and thereby support and groom its family members to be mentally stable and physically agile to live, learn and lead. The institute induces cent percent hard work, self regulation and self discipline so that its members should be known as outstanding, situational decision makers when faced with dynamic changes.
S.E.A. College understands that their are no short cuts to becoming achievers in their personal and professional life. The value system inoculated young minds to help them to be prepared to be paradigm shift from literacy to education, being reactive to proactive, being led by others being initiators, competition to collaboration, self contentedness to team contentedness, casualness to creativity, inactive to competency to become exceptional professionally and personally. The institute induces self discipline rather than supervision.


Facilities in SEA college of Science Commerce & Arts




The Library and Information Division of S.E.A. serves as a knowledge hub containing vast number of resources for the students in the form of e-resources and e-journals. They provide students the opportunity to do self-study and research thus ensuring they are up-to-date on the latest information available online. The library reading space is ample enough to accommodate a number of students at once.



The college has state-of-the-art infrastructure which includes an Auditorium, Cafeteria/Canteen, Recreational Facilities and more. The students are given the opportunity to study in an environment where they have the best facilities and amenities so they don’t miss out on anything.



The large cafeteria on campus is a favourite hangout for the students. From small snacks to full meals, there are a variety of items on the menu that cater to students from different backgrounds.



Sports activities make up an integral part of the college’s recreational activities. Campus facilities for outdoor activities . The sports facilities act as a training ground for the students to develop themselves apart from academics.



S.E.A provides transport for all students, faculty and staff who stay off-campus. The college has buses and vans that cover all the major routes around the city.



The SEA trust legacy is to make education available to all classes of society. The SEA Trust Foundation provides scholarships for excellence in academics and sports at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

The Trust plans to institute / offer many scholarships under merit and merit-cum-means categories by creation of a fund.



Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for colleges and University Students 2009-10 in india – implemented by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. In this connection,I would like to draw your kind attention on the following issues :

All the Students who are eligible for the scholarship scheme can register themselves in Public Financial Management System (PFMS) website.


Placement Cell



Our Placement Cell facilitates campus placements for students in some of the Top Companies including Wipro, Videocon, Unisys and others.


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