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Mangala College of Speech & Hearing  located in Mangala college campus at Paldane,Mangalore. Run by the Mangala trust. It has all the amenities required according to RCI standards .The audiology and speech rooms  designed keeping in mind all the specifications. The department also equipped with audiological as well as speech testing instruments , classrooms which can accomodate upto 50 students. The teaching faculty thus highly qualified and experienced in the field of speech and hearing.





Presently, bachelor’s in speech and hearing , only degree that’s initiated .

B.ASLP bachelors in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology 3+1 year Course (Semester system).

Speech & hearing field deals with those whose communication is impaired due to hearing (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology) problems or speech deficits or the combination of both.

Audiology includes testing the individuals hearing thresholds via subjective and objective tests, prescribing hearing aids and providing auditory training and rehabilitation likewise. Speech language pathology is the study of speech (voicing etc) and language deficits caused due to various reasons. It deals with providing therapeutic intervention to all age groups with problems associated with aphasia, autism, stuttering, learning disability etc.





Provide the society with extremely knowledged and experienced Speech and Hearing professionals, who will work toward the rehabilitation of the hearing impaired and the population with speech problems. Also the main objective is to serve the speech and hearing impaired population free of cost or at minimal fee. As a speech and hearing centre , committed to innovative education, research, evidence based clinical services for speech, language, swallowing, hearing and balance disorders and impactful community outreach and education.







Transportation facilities are provided at extra cost for students to enable them to reach the hospitals from the school for practical training purposes and other clinical and community postings.




Separate hostels for boys & girls very close to the college premises with essential furniture and fixtures are provided. Also, mess, hot water, telephone, television, and other modern facilities are available for inmates.

The students will be under the direct supervision of the competent wardens.




The college has good library with relevant reference and issue books for all the offered courses, written by both foreign and Indian authors. Latest health related magazines, newsletters, CDs and other I T materials are available for reference. Qualified professionals manage library.

The entire atmosphere of the library is just right for the students to study and prepare themselves for any forthcoming examinations, training purposes and other clinical and community postings.



Job Opportunities


The professionals who graduate from Mangala College of Speech & Hearing will have opportunities specifically in the field of education, schools for the handicap having hearing and speech impairments, NGO’s also in private, Government Hospitals and army hospitals where audiological testing and therapy may be put to practice. The scope of Speech & Hearing is beyond just hospitals & schools, one can also have clinical facility and private consultation including house visits for provision of therapy.

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