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Channabasaveshwara Institute Of Technology Bangalore



Channabasaveshwara Institute Of Technology Bangalore, a renowned institution of higher learningis located in Tumkur, Karnataka. CIT – Channabasaveshwara Institute Of Technology offers 14 diverse courses for Degree and Diploma in Full Time mode. Institute present diversified 8 UG programs, which designed to meet the learning aspirations of students from various backgrounds. When it comes to choosing a good Institute for higher learning, CIT – Channabasaveshwara Institute Of Technology comes to mind.

Student has the option to choose courses like B.E. / B.Tech, M.E./M.Tech, MBA/PGDM, After 10th Diploma with stream of Engineering and Business & Management Studies Institute provides opportunity to students to gain proficiency & expertise in the specialization of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Course offered by CIT – Channabasaveshwara Institute Of Technology well recognized by approving body like AICTE. Most importantly, these courses with 759 seats imparted at affordable fees, which increase accessibility and allow students to gain knowledge and skills in their chosen field.









The library is the heart of the institution. It’s a resource center for teaching, learning, and research. Housed on the first floor of the CRC building and has 890.28 square feet of carpet area spread with various sections. Also a quiet and comfortable place where students can study and work.




Qffer the best to its students, in consequence staff continuously developing innovative ways of using technology to support teaching and learning through online and offline. Physical classrooms and laboratories offer smart classrooms that can improve students’ and staff’s overall learning and explaining experience.




The real intellectual action in our institute  happening on the move! Ten buses, weaving through the city’s vibrant tapestry, transform into dynamic forums for lively discussions and spirited debates.




The C.I.T PHC is more than just a clinic; it’s a bridge between students, staff, and optimal health. It’s the first stop on your journey to feeling your best, offering integrated care that focuses on prevention and wellness just as much as on treating illness.




Spacious, airy classrooms bathed in natural light, streaming through ample windows that line the sides. Each room comfortably accommodates over 80 students, offering ample space for movement and interaction. Gone are the days of cramped, stuffy classrooms; these learning hubs prioritize both comfort and focus.




The auditorium is a large, spacious room with comfortable seating for over 500 students. The seats arranged in rows that slope down towards the stage, which is at the front of the room. Large enough to accommodate a variety of speakers and performers, and it is equipped with a sound system and lighting.


Conference Hall


In the heart of the bustling MC Block, nestled amidst the academic energy of the campus, lies a haven for intellectual exchange and vibrant gatherings: the well-furnished Conference Hall. This versatile space, awash in natural light and adorned with modern amenities, transcends its physical boundaries to become a stage for diverse endeavors.




Both hostels aim to provide a comfortable and supportive living environment for CIT students. The specific facilities and amenities may vary depending on the individual hostel, but both options offer a safe and secure place to live while attending college.




Cafeteria is more than just a place to grab a bite. It’s a testament to the importance of well-being in nurturing a thriving academic community. It’s a space where students and staff connect, share ideas, and forge bonds that go beyond the classroom. Reminder that a nourished mind and body are the cornerstones of success, and that even the most intellectual pursuits deserve a comfortable and inspiring environment to flourish

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