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Al Ameen Institute of Information Sciences ( AIIS ) is the youngest institution to be run by Al- Ameen Education Society And has multi-lab and corporate training course with regular courses. The Institute offers the two main courses of study. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Computer Science  (M.Sc), affiliated to Bangalore City University and Recognized by Govt. Karnataka.

From modest beginnings the institute has now carved out a niche in the field of quality education. The unwavering commitment of the management to provide quality, value based education, professionally qualified and dedicated faculty and the state of art facilities have made  Al-Ameen Institute of Information Sciences as one of the most sought after institutions for Admission  by top raking students from all parts of the country and abroad. Al-Ameen Institute provide an ambience that is most conducive and personal growth. The versatility of academic programmes is unique to AIIS. A significant number of scholarship is offered to outstanding students on merit  – cum –poverty basis.many innovative teaching method have been put in place, which incude online access to course material , access to digital libraries and international journals and so on..







Being a comfortable hostel is very important to us and we have created a hostel with a pleasant atmosphere and in a very comfortable style. There are separate student’s hostels both for boys and girls.

Al-Ameen hostels are conveniently close to most amenities and service and the extensive schedule of transport services makes the hostel an ideal base from which to explore the rest of the city.

The hostel provides a cot, a mattress, a study table, a chair and cupboard for each student. Every hostel has solar heated water facility, water cooler common telephone, common TV room, common reading room etc.

All the hostels have Fully-Equipped messes where along with good quality of food also maintains cleanliness and hygiene. The mess serves a varied choice of both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian which regularly keeps changing to avoid boredom




The institute has class rooms of different seating capacities. Apart from blackboard / whiteboard space, classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, LCD Projectors and pull down screens.


Computer Lab


Computer Facilities are available to the student for project activities and course work. All the computer systems are linked on Local Area Network to facilitate communication and resource sharing. The lab also has good collection of the latest software. Special lab for Research and Industrial Projects is an additional feature.


Cyber Centre


The Cyber Centre is part of the Al-Ameen Campus. All the students will undergo a familiarization course of accessing the internet, after which the entire world of information will be on their fingertips. Al-Ameen is one of those very few institutions offering the essential research tool.



  • Getting more information of almost all the topics viz. Medical, Engineering, MBA, Scientific research etc.
  • Visit University sites abroad and enquires about courses, duration, costing etc. and leave application directly on the net.
  • Sending and receiving messages quickly via E-mail.
  • Have on-line conversation, conference where you can share your ideas with the person far away from you. e.g. Netscape conference, On-line, Iphone, Newsgroup etc.
  • Have access to worldwide Libraries, Encyclopedia, journals and on-line books.
  • Classifieds i.e. employment news, placing resumes in World Wide Web database, Real Estate, marketing, Banking etc.


Seminar Halls


The institute has well furnished seminar halls, fully equipped with Audio-Visual equipped such as slide and film projectors, Video projectors and monitors, audio systems, overhead projectors, pull down screens and public addressal systems.




At Al-Ameen we specialize in providing superior on-campus canteen services that provide students with an interesting and nutrious variety of food choices.

The canteen specialize in different cuisines which serve north Indian, south Indian, Chinese dishes, short eats, fast food and so on. There are lots of coolers to quench your thrust too.

The college pays great attention to food hygiene. The authorities assess the overall hygienic condition of the facilities, the performance of the workers and the food handling procedures. There is a system for proper storage of food and food containers to avoid contamination. There is a regular cleaning of benches, floors, cabinets to remove grease, grime and residue foods to avoid growth of pets such as cockroaches and rodents. Proper working order of the dish washing equipment to assure adequate cleaning and sterilization of utensils is maintained.




Library serves the institution of higher learning. This library serves two complementary purposes to support the coursel’s curriculum and to support the research of the university faculty and students.

The support of teaching requires material for class readings and for student papers. We also have electronic resources available; the reserves include actual books as well a photocopies of appropriate journal articles.




It’s easy to be active on the Al-Ameen campus. Besides our prime location – we have credit for physical activity classes, a top-notch athletic group, and a comprehensive recreational sports program. All students can join an intramural basketball, football, throw ball or valley ball team. Numerous sport clubs, such as cricket, kabaddi have sprung from student’s interests.

Best of all, most of the athletic facilities and programs are available in the college premises as well as well equipped playgrounds in close proximity of the college.

There are regular interclass, intercollegiate sports events that are regularly conducted as part of the recreational activity. We also organize matches between the students and the faculty to build a pleasant relation in the working atmosphere.

Our teams have competed at the district, state and national levels and have won laurels to the college.


Campus Life


Al-Ameen has a prime location with close proximity to the city centre. Apart from its own transportation the location of the college makes it very easy for the students to access the public transport. Inspite of it being in the heart of the city surrounded by the busiest roads of Bangalore, the campus is huge and green with lots of plants. When in the campus, the surrounding around makes you feel relaxed and the air is fresh because of its well maintained gardens.

The college has earned a reputation for the quality of its teaching. The laboratories and other facilities are state-of-the-art and amongst the best in the University. There are various facilities like the bank, photocopying, canteen, separate rest areas for the boys and girls, essential pharmacy with first aid and so on to make the students feel comfortable when in the campus.

Once inside, the huge campus the visitors with its innovative use of space. The gates open to a neatly cabled parking area and sprawling lawns with huge trees lining all pathways. The teaching blocks are huge, spacious and scattered over a wide area. The student experiences a sense of freedom as each teaching block opens into a lawn lined liberally with lush green plants.





Affiliated to Bangalore City University and Recognized by Govt. Karnataka.

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