Yenepoya University Kyrgyzstan: MBBS Fees, Admission 2023

About The College

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan with Yenepoya University


Yenepoya University, renowned for its excellence in healthcare education, is embarking on a groundbreaking endeavor by establishing a new college in Kyrgyzstan. This strategic initiative reflects Yenepoya’s commitment to providing world-class medical education to aspiring students in a global setting. With the introduction of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course, Yenepoya University Kyrgyzstan is poised to become a premier institution for medical studies. This article delves into the key highlights of this exciting development and outlines how you can become a part of this remarkable journey.


Transforming Medical Education


Yenepoya University’s decision to launch a college in Kyrgyzstan signifies a significant milestone for both the university and the country’s medical education landscape. Kyrgyzstan, with its cultural richness and natural splendor, has been striving to enhance its higher education offerings, particularly in the field of medicine. Through its collaboration with Yenepoya University, Kyrgyzstan will witness a transformative change in medical education, bolstering its reputation as an attractive destination for aspiring medical professionals.


About Kyrgyzstan:

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China. Its capital is Bishkek. The country has a population of around 6.5 million people and its official language is Kyrgyz. Kyrgyzstan has a rich history and culture influenced by its nomadic heritage. The economy relies on agriculture, mining, and services. The country’s stunning landscapes attract tourists for hiking and trekking. 


Students Life at Kyrgyzstan:

Students in Kyrgyzstan experience a unique and enriching life, offering various benefits tied to the atmosphere, culture, and food. 


Welcoming Atmosphere: Kyrgyzstan is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The locals are friendly and hospitable, making international students feel at home. The country’s peaceful environment and scenic landscapes create a conducive atmosphere for studying and personal growth.


Affordable Living: Kyrgyzstan is an affordable destination for international students. The cost of living, including accommodation, food, and transportation, is relatively low compared to many other countries. This makes it an attractive option for students seeking quality education without breaking the bank.


Diverse Culture: Kyrgyzstan’s cultural diversity adds to the vibrant student life. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country’s rich traditions, music, dance, and festivities. Interacting with locals and fellow international students fosters cross-cultural understanding and friendships.


Quality Education: Kyrgyzstan offers quality education in various fields, including medicine, engineering, and humanities. Many universities have modern facilities, well-qualified faculty, and partnerships with international institutions, enhancing the overall learning experience.


English-Taught Programs: Several universities in Kyrgyzstan offer English-taught programs, enabling international students to pursue their education without the need to learn the local language, though knowing some Kyrgyz or Russian can be beneficial for daily communication.


Multicultural Environment: Kyrgyzstan’s universities attract students from diverse countries, creating a multicultural environment on campus. This exposure to different cultures encourages tolerance, international friendships, and a global perspective.


Safe and Secure: Kyrgyzstan is considered a safe country for international students. The low crime rate and friendly locals contribute to a secure environment, ensuring peace of mind for students and their families.


About Yenepoya Group

The Yenepoya Group is a prominent educational and healthcare conglomerate based in India. It was established by the Yenepoya family and has grown to encompass various institutions and services. The following are the facets of the Yenepoya Group.


Yenepoya University: Yenepoya University is a deemed university located in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in diverse fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, allied health sciences, and management studies.


Yenepoya Medical College: The Yenepoya Medical College is an integral part of Yenepoya University. It is renowned for its medical education and research programs, producing skilled healthcare professionals.


Yenepoya Dental College: The Yenepoya Dental College, also part of Yenepoya University, offers comprehensive dental education and training, producing proficient dentists.


Yenepoya Nursing College: The Yenepoya Nursing College provides high-quality nursing education, producing competent nurses and healthcare professionals.


Yenepoya Institute of Arts, Science & Commerce: This institute offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in arts, science, and commerce disciplines.


Yenepoya Research Centre: The Yenepoya Research Centre focuses on conducting cutting-edge research in various fields, contributing to advancements in science and medicine.


Yenepoya Medical College Hospital: The Yenepoya Medical College Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility providing medical services and treatments to patients. Yenepoya Specialty Hospital: The Yenepoya Specialty Hospital is a dedicated healthcare centre offering specialized medical services.


Yenepoya Education International:  With immense experience in the academic profile, YEI is a sister concern which aims at tie ups, hand holding and international collaborations with academic institutions and Universities overseas. The aim is sharing academic resources and foster academic growth and career spike across younger generations round the globe.


Apart from education they are widely spread in Wood and Plywood, Veneers, Trade, Transport, Hotels and Hospitality, Minerals and Granites, Chemical and Resins, Construction and Real Estate, Health Care and more.

With activities spread across the country and the global scenario. Its’ business relations span several developed countries, including Europe, Middle East, U.S., Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Ivory Coast


About YEI


Yenepoya Education International (YEI) Pvt Ltd. is an integral part of the renowned Yenepoya Group, focused on fostering global academic collaborations and international tie-ups with foreign universities. As a dedicated entity for international affairs, YEI plays a vital role in facilitating students’ study abroad aspirations. With a strong emphasis on educational exchange and global learning experiences, YEI oversees the seamless processing of student visas and provides essential facilities for students pursuing education overseas. Through its expert guidance and support, YEI empowers aspiring scholars to explore opportunities beyond borders, promoting cross-cultural knowledge-sharing and skill development. As a trusted facilitator of international education, YEI extends the legacy of the Yenepoya Group’s commitment to academic excellence and furthers its mission of making quality education accessible on a global scale.

Yenepoya Education International (YEI) Pvt Ltd., part of the Yenepoya Group, handles foreign collaborations with universities, facilitates student visas, and provides facilities for studying abroad. It promotes global learning experiences and fosters cross-cultural knowledge-sharing.


The Yenepoya Group is known for its commitment to academic excellence, research, and providing quality healthcare services to the community. It has gained recognition for its contributions to the education and healthcare sectors in India and continues to be a leading institution in these fields.



About KNU


Kyrgyzstan National University (KNU) is a prominent educational institution in Kyrgyzstan. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various disciplines, including arts, science, engineering, medicine, and social sciences. KNU is committed to academic excellence and research, providing students with quality education and research opportunities. The university plays a significant role in the country’s educational landscape, contributing to the growth and development of skilled professionals in different fields.

Kyrgyzstan National University (KNU) is a prominent educational institution in Kyrgyzstan. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various disciplines, including arts, science, engineering, medicine, and social sciences. KNU is committed to academic excellence and research, providing students with quality education and research opportunities. The university plays a significant role in the country’s educational landscape, contributing to the growth and development of skilled professionals in different fields. Kyrgyzstan National University (KNU) is a prominent educational institution located in Kyrgyzstan. It offers a range of academic programs and services to students. 


Academic Programs: KNU likely offers various academic programs across different disciplines. These could include undergraduate, graduate, and possibly doctoral programs in fields such as medicine, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and more.


Medical Programs: Given the context of your previous questions, KNU might have a strong focus on medical education and offer programs like MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) to international students, possibly in collaboration with institutions like Yenepoya Education International Private Limited.


Services and Facilities: Universities typically offer a range of services and facilities to support student learning and campus life. These might include libraries, laboratories, research centers, student accommodation, student organizations, and more.


International Collaborations: KNU might have collaborations with international institutions, like Yenepoya Education International Private Limited, to provide students with enhanced educational experiences, exposure to different teaching methods, and opportunities for industry visits and practical training.


Language of Instruction: Depending on the programs offered, the language of instruction might vary. Some programs could be taught in English to accommodate international students.


Student Support: Universities usually provide student support services to help students with various aspects of their academic journey, including academic advising, counseling, career guidance, and more.


Facilities at KNU:


Library: A well-equipped library with a diverse collection of books, research journals, and digital resources is essential for academic research and learning.The university has a National Library that preserves the cultural wealth and traditions of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan and collects and accumulates human knowledge. Access to IPR BOOKS Database and Questions of the state exam for MBBS Students and staff.


Classrooms and Lecture Halls: Modern classrooms and lecture halls equipped with audio-visual aids facilitate effective teaching and learning.


Research Centers: Universities often have research centers dedicated to specific disciplines where faculty and students can engage in advanced research projects.


Student Accommodation: Many universities provide on-campus housing options for students, including dormitories or apartments.


Recreational Facilities: Facilities such as sports complexes, gyms, and outdoor spaces promote physical activity and student well-being.


Cafeterias and Dining Areas: These spaces offer students a place to have meals and socialize.


Computer Labs: Equipped with computers and internet access, these labs are useful for students working on assignments and projects.


Student Services: Facilities for student services like career counseling, academic advising, and administrative support.


Auditoriums and Event Spaces: Large auditoriums and event spaces for lectures, seminars, conferences, and cultural events.


Wi-Fi Connectivity: Campuses often have widespread Wi-Fi coverage to facilitate research and communication.


Green Spaces: Gardens, parks, and outdoor seating areas provide students with places to relax and socialize.


Security and Safety: Measures to ensure the safety and security of students and campus premises.


KNU and YU collaboration


The collaboration between Kyrgyz National University named after Zhusup Balasagyn (KNU) and Yenepoya University in strengthening and developing educational, scientific, cultural, and other types of relationships. The Parties recognize their mutual interest in empowering medical education, and fostering joint research, academic exchanges, and various collaborative initiatives. 

Specific areas of cooperation include 

  • Academic exchanges, including student exchanges, exchange of experience in teaching, research and work in other areas of mutual interest.
  • Exchange of bibliographic and other information materials of mutual interest;
  • Development of exchange programs for administrative staff;
  • Development and implementation of joint educational and research programs and their components and joint research and publications.
  • Organization and holding of joint educational, scientific, cultural events (conferences, seminars, colloquia, symposia, etc.).
  • Participation in the preparation and submission of applications for financial support from relevant organizations in both countries, whether government, industry or business, as well as international organizations.

The collaboration serves as a foundation for enhancing medical education and research collaboration between KNU and YU, with a focus on promoting academic excellence and benefiting both institutions and their students.


Strengthening Medical Education: Yenepoya’s Partnership with Kyrgyzstan National University

The tie-up between KNU (Kyrgyzstan National University) in collaboration with Yenepoya International Pvt Limited, is a comprehensive partnership aimed at supporting KNU in various aspects of academic development and student welfare.



Yenepoya group, takes pride in its commitment to excellence and dedication to nurturing the next generation of medical professionals of Kyrgyzstan. As an authorized partner of Kyrgyzstan National University (KNU), Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited helps to enhance the medical education landscape in Kyrgyzstan by providing top-quality Doctor Faculties, well-equipped laboratories, and comfortable hostel facilities. This collaboration aims to elevate the standard of medical education, ensuring students receive comprehensive practical training and support for their academic journey.


Visa Processing: 

Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited will provide guidance and support to students during the visa application process. This involves helping students gather the necessary documentation, ensuring that all visa requirements are met, and facilitating the submission of visa applications to the appropriate authorities.


Travel Arrangements: 

Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited can take care of the logistical aspects of students’ travel to Kyrgyzstan. This includes coordinating flight bookings, arranging airport transfers, and ensuring a smooth arrival experience for incoming students.


Admissions Assistance: 

Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited provide guidance and support in the admissions process. This could include organizing student recruitment drives, conducting entrance exams, and facilitating the application and enrolment process for prospective students.


Quality Doctor / SME’s / Faculties:

One of the key aspects of Yenepoya Education International partnership with KNU is the provision of associating with the best of the academic and medical professionals in the field. Yenepoya Education International carefully selects accomplished medical professionals with extensive clinical and research experience. These faculties possess a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to impart cutting-edge medical education to the students. By bringing in experts from diverse medical disciplines, the program ensures a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to learning.


State-of-the-Art Laboratories:

Understanding the significance of practical exposure in medical education, Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited is committed to establishing well-equipped laboratories at KNU as per the standard norms set by the medical council. These laboratories are equipped with the latest medical instruments, advanced technology, and modern infrastructure to enable students to engage in hands-on learning. Through practical sessions and research activities, students will gain invaluable experience and develop essential clinical skills that will prepare them for their future medical careers.


Comprehensive Practical Training:

Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited partnership with KNU aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. By providing students with comprehensive practical training opportunities, the program ensures that they are well-prepared to face the challenges of the medical profession. The hands-on experience gained in the laboratories and major hospitals, combined with guidance from experienced faculties, will enable students to develop a deep understanding of medical practices and protocols.


Hostel Facilities:

Recognizing the importance of a conducive living environment for academic success, Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited takes full responsibility for running the hostel facilities at KNU. The hostels are designed to provide students with a comfortable and secure living space, promoting a healthy and nurturing atmosphere for learning. Yenepoya ensures that the hostels meet high-quality standards, offering essential amenities such as quality food, laundry facilities, recreational spaces, and other necessities required for the well-being of the students.


Compliance with Standards:

Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited is committed to upholding the highest standards in medical education, in line with the guidelines set by the medical council. The partnership with KNU ensures that the curriculum, facilities, and practices adhere to the recognized norms and regulations. Regular audits and evaluations are conducted to ensure the continued delivery of top-notch medical education and hostel services.

Overall, the tie-up between KNU and Yenepoya Education International Pvt Limited is a multifaceted approach to enhance the educational experience at KNU. It seeks to elevate academic standards, streamline admissions, improve research opportunities, and cater to students’ essential needs for a comprehensive and well-rounded educational journey.


Curriculum & Delivery:

Yenepoya Education International Private Limited is offering a comprehensive MBBS program in collaboration with Kyrgyzstan National University. The program seems to have a strong emphasis on practical exposure and real-world case studies, which can greatly enhance students’ understanding of medical concepts. Having experienced Doctor Trainers and guest lecturers who share their past experiences through real-time case studies can provide students with valuable insights and practical knowledge. Well-Trained and Highly Educated Faculty Members

Provide qualified faculty and staff with modern technology to support self-learning.

The incorporation of online content delivery mechanisms, self-learning resources, assignments, and live classes can provide students with flexibility in their learning journey. This blended approach can cater to various learning styles and enable students to study at their own pace while still engaging with expert guidance.

The focus on preparing students for their Next Exam suggests that the program aims to provide comprehensive preparation for medical licensing or certification exams that students will need to take to practice medicine in India or elsewhere.

The approach of combining experienced Doctor Trainers, practical exposure, online resources, and exam preparation seems to offer a well-rounded and comprehensive MBBS curriculum for students interested in pursuing medical education in Kyrgyzstan. As with any educational program, it’s important for potential students to thoroughly research and understand the details of the curriculum, accreditation, and the quality of instruction before making a decision.


Simulation Lab & Industrial Visit:

The Yenepoya Simulation Lab is an advanced and innovative facility designed to provide students with a hands-on learning experience in a controlled and realistic environment. This lab is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and simulation technology that mimics real-life medical scenarios, allowing students to practice and refine their clinical skills before they interact with actual patients. The simulation lab is a crucial component of the medical curriculum as it enhances students’ practical understanding of medical procedures and patient care.

Kyrgyzstan National University students who are enrolled in the collaborative MBBS program with Yenepoya Education International Private Limited have the unique opportunity to benefit from the Yenepoya Simulation Lab. As part of their program, students will have the chance to visit the simulation center and actively participate in hands-on learning experiences. This industry visit is aimed at enriching their medical education by providing them with a platform to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

During their tenure in the program, students will be able to:

Practice Clinical Skills: The simulation lab allows students to practice a wide range of clinical skills, from basic procedures to more complex medical interventions, in a safe and controlled environment.

Realistic Scenarios: Students can engage in simulated medical scenarios that closely resemble real-life situations, preparing them for the challenges they will face in a clinical setting.

Teamwork and Communication: The simulation lab promotes effective teamwork and communication among students, a crucial aspect of medical practice.

Immediate Feedback: Students receive immediate feedback on their performance, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and refine their techniques.

Confidence Building: Hands-on practice in the simulation lab can enhance students’ confidence in their clinical abilities, which is essential for their future medical career.

Better Patient Care: By honing their skills in a simulated environment, students are better equipped to provide high-quality patient care when they enter clinical rotations.

The industry visit to the Yenepoya Simulation Lab offers Kyrgyzstan National University students a well-rounded medical education experience. By combining theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and exposure to cutting-edge simulation technology, students are better prepared to excel in their medical careers and provide exceptional patient care. This initiative reflects a commitment to ensuring that students receive comprehensive training and exposure to the latest advancements in the field of medicine


FAQs for KNU 


  • Can I practice in India on my return, after MBBS degree from this college?


Yes , if you have eligibility in your NEET at the time of admission you can complete the course in KNU and apply for license exams in India and other countries depending on there requirements. Please follow the eligibility requirements of other countries too.


  • Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or apply in Medical Institutions of India after my medical degree from this college?


Yes of course, You are eligible for license to practice and apply Govt hospitals or medical institutions.


  • Can I appear for FMGE / NEXT exam, How many times can I appear for FMGE?


Yes, You are eligible to apply for NEXT exam only if you have received eligibility in NEET at the time of admission. According to the Medical Council of India, you are eligible to appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or the Medical Council of India Screening Test (MCI-ST) three times in a calendar year. If you are unable to pass the exam on the third attempt, you will have to wait until the next calendar year to take the exam again. This policy may change in the next few years please refer NMC website for more details 


  1.  What kind of food will I get in college?


Indian mess is available for students on campus and in hostels. There are also Middle Eastern local cuisines and canteens near campus.


  • Does it include in hostel fees?


Hostel fees are to be paid separetely.


  • Can I get a Bank Loan for this college of MBBS and to what extent


Yes, you can get upto 90% on loan for MBBS studies abroad; this is subject to the banks you apply.


  • Is this Medical College listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory


Yes,  University is listed in WHO website and WDOMS, Please click the link below to verify


  • Is MBBS Degree from this college recognized in India and other countries?


Yes, Our University is listed in world directory of medical schools hence it is recognized in India and other countries. Please check the eligibility requirements of your respective countries.


  •  How does one apply for VISA and what document would i need?


The process of Visa is done after you get the admission letter from the university, You will have to submit you 12th, passport copy, eligibility certificate and other documents for applying you Visa invitation, Once you receive the Visa invitation we will be processing your Visa.


  • Can my parent visit me in University? Can i travel in my holidays or stay back abroad?


YES of course, your parents can visit you any time of the year to the University, The tourist Visa for Kyrgyz republic is relatively easy and can be applied online for e-visa. As a student you are free to travel in your Holidays or if you wish you can stay abroad.


  • Does the medical college have hostel facilities by its own? Or to stay outside?


Yes , The medical colleges has Hostel facility for both Boys and Girls separately. 


  •  Is there any local bodies who can help me providing the overall info?


You can contact us through email or to our support team; You may also contact our authorized partners who will provide all the information you need.


  •  Is a vegetarian food available?

Yes, we have vegetarian food provided separately. 


  • Can i do my internship from my country?


Depending on the eligibility requirements of your country you can do your Internship in the same country.


  • Do I have to do two internships?? One from the college and later from our country?


Based on the current edibility requirements of your country you may have to do internship in both places, please refer to your respective Medical council regulations for current updates.


  • How can students pay the tuition fees and other fees for medical universities abroad?


You can do an online bank transfer from the respective bank accounts to the account number mentioned in your admission letters. You may also transfer fees through the forex partners.


  • Is there any special provision for International students to solve their any personal problems or queries?


The university has an International support team on campus and in India to help solve student problems; you can email or contact them anytime

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Is Kyrgyzstan good for MBBS?

Yes, an MBBS degree from Kyrgyzstan is valid in India as medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are approved by MCI/NMC and have a good reputation worldwide.

Is Kyrgyzstan safe for Indian students?

The capital city of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, is attracting more and more expats and students every year. It is very normal to ask yourself the question of whether Kyrgyzstan is safe for foreigners. I would say that Kyrgyzstan is very safe for foreign students and expats in general

What is the duration of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students?

The MBBS course is of four and a half years duration and is followed by one year of Compulsory Rotating Residential Internship.

Is Kyrgyzstan visa free for Indian?

Yes, all Indian passport holders require a visit to visit Kyrgyzstan. AnKyrgyzstan visa is most appropriate for Indians travelling to the Kyrgyzstan for business and recreational purposes such as holidaying, sightseeing, or even short family visits.

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