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St Anns Institute Of Health Science Mangalore



St Anns Institute Of Health Science Mangalore is managed by the Lobo Teachers’ Foundation – a Registered Charitable Trust established in the year 2003 constituted by eminent teachers namely Late Ms Isabella Lobo, Ms Lucy Lobo and Ms Lily Lobo. Mr. Eric Lobo is the chairman and Managing Director of the Trust. St Ann’s group of institutions is a constituent of Lobo Teachers Foundation, a Registered Charitable Trust.

The Management and the highly experienced faculty are committed to constantly innovate the learning processes through active involvement of experts in the respective fields. The institute strives to experience the intellectual and personal well being of every student, which is its primary concern.Mulki is a small town falling under the special economic zone declared by the Govt. of India of late.










Beyond the confines of classrooms, the vibrant campus buzzes with life as students compete in intramural basketball tournaments, showcase their talents in open mic nights, and volunteer at local shelters, leaving their mark on both the college and the community.




M.A.J Foundation offers a range of modern, secure hostels for both, from single rooms to shared dorms, conveniently located near campus and amenities. Each hostel boasts Wi-Fi, study spaces, a common area for relaxation and socializing, and laundry facilities. Round-the-clock security with CCTV cameras, access control, and dedicated security personnel ensures your safety and peace of mind.




Forget cramming in tiny dorm rooms – step into the oasis of learning that is the college library. Packed with resources, this well-equipped haven caters to your academic journey.




Provides its own transportation system, not just for commuting to and from campus, but also for extracurricular activities, hospital visits, and hostel drop-offs. This level of care and convenience can be a game-changer for students, offering a multitude of benefits.








Foundation goes beyond graduation by warmly welcoming international students through immersive orientation and reception programs. We cater to their unique needs, providing expert guidance on cultural adjustment, visa compliance, and academic success. Past students like [student name] credit the program with helping them thrive in their new environment and launch rewarding careers. Join us and discover how we pave the way for international students to shine both within the country and abroad

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