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Shree Devi College of Interior Design offers training in this art of beautifying living spaces. The college has all the requisite infrastructure needed to gain the best of knowledge, both theoretical as well as practical in the intricacies of interior designing and decoration.

Majority portion of our lives indoors – in the interior spaces created by the structures and shells of buildings. Interior Design goes beyond the architectural definitions of space. Interior designing is the planning, layout and design of interior spaces within buildings. The purpose of interior designing is the functional improvement, aesthetic enrichment and psychological enhancement of interior spaces.

Everyone wishes to reside, work or to be around in an aesthetically set room or building which needs the assistance of trained designers and decorators. Modern lifestyles demand a sophistication in interiors, both residential and commercial, that clearly define aesthetic inclinations.

There is a dearth of trained personnel who can cater to the increasing demand of distinct designs that incorporate beauty and practicability. They have to be sought in institutes and colleges that train interior designers, which at the moment are grossly inadequate. Therefore there is a pressing need to set up more colleges that impart specialized training in this stream.

The college has the credit of bagging the first rank in the Mangalore University examination consequently for the last 6 years.


Facilities in Shree Devi College of Interior Design

Drawing and drafting room


Spacious and well – equipped rooms ensure a conducive atmosphere for expressing design ideas competently.




Reference and study materials made available in the form of a well-stocked library with books of both Indian and foreign authors. Journals, periodicals and magazines thus regularly subscribed and adequately catering to the needs of the students. Students also have access to both e-journals and e-books under Helinet Consortium of Digital Library.




Theoretical expertise in spacious and well-equipped classrooms with LCD Projectors, Slide Projectors and Overhead Projectors.




The students also got opportunity to showcase their talents and skills of interior designing through exhibitions organised by the institution.


Material Laboratory


This laboratory houses all the materials used in interiors for wall, floor, ceiling finishes as well as furniture. This helps students in their curriculum requirements. Samples of materials such as tiles, carpets, upholstery, veneers, laminates, granite and marble are on display. These materials updates periodically as new materials comes in market.




Hostel accommodation  separately arranged for both boys and girls on campus. The hostel also provide comfortable rooms, adequate furniture and requisite amenities.


Industrial Tour


A tour to important cities in India every year as a part of the practical curriculum,  so as to enable students to view the interior works of eminent architects and interior designers. The cities included in the tour are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. Students have participated in the Forum of Students of Interior Design held at the School of Interior Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad.


Sports Club


The college appreciates the physical fitness of the students as well as  along with their academic development. Opportunities are provided for outdoor games such as cricket, badminton, basketball, football as well as indoor games such as table-tennis, carrom, chess, etc.
Provisions  for swimming and health clubs also available.


Training Restaurant


The college has its own fleet of buses to ensure comfortable transportation for its students so as to enable them to pursue course activities with the least hassle.


Other Activities


Students are encouraged in the multi-faceted development of their personalities through active participation in stage shows and other entertainment forms. Various occasions of celebration like the College Annual Day are provided as forums for the students to exhibit their talents and skills in activities that complement academics. Inter-college festivals and competitions are a part of the extra-curricular activities provided by the college.





Shree Devi College of Interior Design (B.Sc. ID & D) is affiliated to Mangalore University, which is the first university in the country to start a Bachelor’s Degree programme in Interior Design and Decoration.

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