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Spurthy College of Pharmacy started in the year 2019. Scripted by a team of dynamic and vibrant technocrats, research scientists, entrepreneurs and mentors with an objective to encourage, foster and create next generation leaders in health care, management and science.


Spurthy Group of Institution



Spurthy began writing it’s history in the year 2003. Year after year, we have been successfully meeting that objective. Today, Spurthy alumni and alumnae find their rightful place under the sun, across geographies, performing  at  par with the very best in the world

Provide education of the highest  standard,  keeping  abreast of the changing teaching  methodologies and paradigm shifts in technology.  In fact, our focus is on preparing every student to adapt to the changing professional environs and excel in his or her walk of life

Spurthy Group of Institutions is a part of Sri Venkatadri Higher Education Trust founded by Shri P. Gopala Reddy in Bangalore, a medical professional, and a committed citizen.

Spurthy Group of Institutions offer quality education through a PU and degree College and Institutes for high-end career course in Business Management, Computer Science and Nursing.





  • To produce leaders to match world standards
  • Leadership is at the core of everything we do at Spurthy.
  • Our vision is to position Spurthy as the institution of choice for excellence in education in Bangalore by providing world-class education in a multicultural environment

Facilities in Spurthy College of Pharmacy




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Alumni Association


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Governed by a set of rules or customs,  to ensure fair competition, and allow consistent adjudication of the winner.

In organised sport, records of performance are often kept, and for popular sports, this information may be widely announced

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Industrial Visits


Industrial visit is a part of professional growth, where students acquaint themselves with the working environment of the company

Spurthy College of Science and Management Studies, gives opportunities to all students to visit different manufacturing and service industries. We take our students to different companies like Infosys, Karnataka Soaps and Manufacturing Ltd., Aditya Birla, HAL etc.

The case studies of the industries help to interact with employees and respective officials of the companies


Field Work


It is a process of observing and learning from external and natural environment. Our college motivates students to learn and explore more from actual and real time events apart from classrooms and books.

It helps students in Direct Observation and Social Exploration.

It also encourages students to provide their services for the society

Activities Conducted by NSS

Degree college NSS wing participated in the NSS program.


Health Camp


Nursing faculty members and students participated in health camp organized by Sri Sai Hospital at Chandapura Government School.

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