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Shree Devi College of Pharmacy Mangalore, the vibrant city nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, rides high on the crest of fame endowed by myriad educational institutions providing the base for many a professional career.

The city teems with a large number of students from all over the country and abroad .

Shree Devi College of Pharmacy ,managed by the Trust. Located in serene locales in Mangalore, the college campus incorporates the advantages of academic excellence and structural grace in tranquil surroundings.

Shree Devi College of Pharmacy



Shree Devi College of Pharmacy is one of India’s leading educational institutions providing quality education to students. Beyond the quality of education, it is the quality of life in the institution’s campus that provides for the academic growth and overall development of the students. It is our sincere desire to give the best to the students, which enables them to keep pace with rapid changes and thus become responsible citizens of the future world. We help the students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that are essential for successful living. Our commitment is in ensuring individual professional success which culminates in benefiting the society.

Creating a vast state-of-the-art academic infrastructure,  best teaching talent , ensures  best in academics. Sporting, cultural and extra-curricular facilities are put in place so that the students enjoy their campus life.

Our students are continuously gaining recognition in various facets of the profession and are making their families, institution and the society proud. I hope they continue to strive harder and perform better in the years to come to compete with the current needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our faculty is a blend of academicians and experienced professionals who enable students in synergizing with the corporate world. The experienced scholar-teachers and the dedicated faculty of the college are also encouraged and assisted to merge and grow in their respective academic spheres with much needed inter-disciplinary dimensions.

On behalf of the faculty, students, administration and staff, we welcome you to our institution and hope that you make use of the excellent educational opportunities offered


Facilities in Shree Devi College of Pharmacy




Department of Pharmaceutics

The department focuses on providing an understanding of the concept and design of pharmaceutical dosage forms. The laboratories contain specialized equipments such as disintegration test apparatus, dissolution test apparatus, Monsanto and Pfizer hardness tester, friability apparatus, stability chambers, rotary shaker, automatic rotary tablet compression machine, capsule filling machine, tablet coating machine electronic single pan balances, mechanical and magnetic stirrers and Brookefield viscometer


Department of Pharmacology

The department aims at developing the student’s ability to screen new molecules for their potential pharmacological effects and toxicity. The laboratory is well-equipped with different instruments such as semi auto analyzer, students physiograph, Langendorf’s heart perfusion apparatus, student’s organ bath (temperature controlled), elevated plus maze, ECG equipment for rats, actophotometer, analgesiometer, electro convulsiometer, plethesmometer, pole climbing apparatus, histamine chamber, stair case apparatus and rota rod apparatus


Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Synthesis and quality control of inorganic and organic medicinal compounds are carried out here making use of comprehensive equipment provisions like pH meter, UV visible spectrophotometer, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Nephloturbidometeretc .


Department of Pharmacognosy

The department aims to make the students capable of isolating and estimating various phytoconstituents from herbs. The laboratories have provisions for a large number of indigenous organized and unorganized crude drugs required for both morphological and phytochemical studies. The apparatus available are Gel electrophoresis, centrifuge, TLC kits, triple load balances, laminar air flow etc.


Class Rooms

Theoretical expertise , imparted to students in spacious and well-equipped class rooms with LCD Projector, Slide Projector and Over Head Projector.


Computer Laboratory

Technological advancement has fine-tuned the profession so as to make way for enhanced service in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students are also trained in the technical aspects of the subjects.




Reference and study material available to the students with books of both Indian and foreign authors. Journals, periodicals and magazines for students. E-journals and e-books under Helinet Consortium of Digital Library also available for students.




Amenities that take care of the comfort of the inmates are provided in the spacious hostel that is located within accessible distance of the college.  Separate buildings for both male and female residents. A hygienic mess that caters to the nutritional requirements of the students is also a part of residential facilities.




The college provides adequate facilities for sporting activities that are necessary to encourage the all-round development of the students. College offers Outdoor sports  as well as indoor games  by providing appropriate playgrounds and equipment.  Swimming and health club facilities also made .




The college has its own fleet of buses to ensure comfortable transportation for its students so as to pursue the course activities with the least of hassle.


Other Activities


Various occasions of celebration like the college Annual Day are provided  to exhibit talents and skills . On the other hand ,Inter-collegiate festivals and competitions are a part of the extra-curricular activities provided by the college.





Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

A.I.C.T.E & P.C.I. Recognition

Recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education as well as Pharmacy Council of India.


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