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Seshadripuram Pre-University College is one the top PU Colleges in Bangalore barely two kms from city’s Kempe Gowda Bus Station. It is our pride that the institution is located on SET’s mother campus.

The college with its excellent infrastructure, safety, cultural, extra-curricular, healthy environment assures quality education with able administration. The institution is wedded to both the academic and holistic development of the students. The college campus is spacious with well-ventilated class rooms, well equipped laboratories, library, canteen, open auditorium and closed auditorium. The prime location of the college has an advantage of providing a variety of facilities at an arm’s length in the neighbourhood. The early morning working hours of the college is a great attraction to the students as it gives a total learning experience in serene environment.





Seshadripuram Educational Trust believes that every individual needs affordable, relevant and quality education to fulfill personal aspirations.

To constantly strive towards meeting this social need by inclusion and expansion of new streams of educations in its institutions and provide world class infrastructure for learning, research and application of knowledge.







We have a well stocked library “Narendra Pustakalaya” which is huge and very well ventilated and furnished to accommodate students for their reference works, reading news papers etc. The titles are as varied as one’s imagination goes, to cater to the needs of all the students with varied interests. Reference books, text books, dictionaries, thesaurus, pictorial dictionaries cater to students with a serious bent of mind interested in achieving academic success and general knowledge books, books designed to assist in competitive exams, maps, year books etc. also form part of our collection.

The library is automated to provide better service to the staff and students. The racks are neatly labeled and easily accessible to the students.




  • Physics lab


There are two spacious Physics laboratories one for I PUC and one for II PUC, which provide the students with the practical experience and knowledge. Most of the experiments prescribed for II PUC are demonstrated through animated computer programmes, developed by our own competitive members of the faculty. The lab is equipped with all the equipments to carry out the experiments prescribed in the syllabus by the PU Board.




The large multipurpose auditorium occupies an entire wing of the fourth floor of the college building with a capacity for seating 1000 persons. This auditorium is one of the largest in an educational institution in the city.


Some of the appliances and facilities of the auditorium are:
  • Green Room
  • Scrolling Screen
  • Side Screen
  • Audio Screen
  • Speaker System
  • Lighting System
  • LCD Projector and LCD Screen
  • Control Room
  • Six large speakers
  • Wooden and thermocol Paneling
  • Wooden floor and walls
  • Ceiling fans
  • Mercury lights
  • Electronically controlled Stage screen
  • Well-ventilated for natural light from right and left
  • False ceiling with double thermocol for heat resistance

The Multipurpose auditorium is a resourceful addition to the infrastructural facilities, provided by the college. It is useful, for large gatherings of students for functions, cultural events etc.


Seminar Hall


Seminar Hall is one of the major assets of an institution. Our Seminar hall with a capacity of about 200 is equipped with LCD Projector and Audio System.

The Seminar Hall is the ideal venue for conducting seminars and organise lectures to the students. The LCD projectors provide the student with a better insight to understand the lectures. These lectures not only provide the students with firsthand information about the working of various fields but also give them an opportunity to get their doubts cleared by asking questions from our guests.

The seminar hall is used for conducting various college events as it has a special ambience to suit for every event.


Other Facilities


  • Student Group Insurance scheme, a student friendly initiative of the management, assists any student in the unfortunate event of an accident.
  • Public Address System, enabled real time communicator between the college administration and student community.
  • CCTC Cameras in the premises and TV Screens in departments ensure surveillance.
  • Elevator / Lift is provides round the clock. It is very helpful especially to the differently abled.
  • Competitive Exams Corner has books, periodical, audio and video facilities to empower civil service aspirants.
  • The campus is wi-fi-enabled, and internet access is available all the time anywhere in the campus.


Wellness Center


Wellness programs coordinated by a doctor who regularly visits our institution. Free health checkups conducted and remedies prescribed by the doctor for our students and staff. The wellness centre  also equipped with the necessary first aid facilities and equipped to handle any emergency.

The purpose of having a Wellness Centre at S.P.U.C is not only to improve the physical health but also to maintain the mental health. Wellness for us is improving morale, reducing stress and staying healthy, which this centre takes care of




SPUC, Yelahanka committed towards academic excellence. Apart from it, it renders ample opportunities for students to excel in sports & co-curricular activities.

Sports play an integral part in the development of an individual. We at SPUC, encourage the students to actively participate in various sporting events, be it indoor or outdoor. The achievements of the students reflected in form of trophies won by them in various events.


National Service Scheme


The N.S.S is the dream of the Father of the Nation – Gandhiji to channelize the youth energy for constructive action. Our N.S.S unit takes up activities in the areas of rural health, national integrity, rural development, AIDS awareness, blood donation camp and tree plantation. The N.S.S organizes annual camps in villages, where problems relating to water, health, electricity, sanitation etc dealt with. Villagers made aware of the welfare schemes of the Government. Through these camps the volunteers learn civic sense and responsibility.

As part of our social responsibility we have constituted the college chapter of NSS Wing. The N.S.S unit works in collaboration with Samvada, a NGO, Lions Club and Indian Red Cross Society and with the support of our college lecturer with Dr. Subhash Bhoger. In the days to come, the N.S.S unit will broaden its area of action to include current problems, like global warming and climate change and any other field which may benefit the society at large.


National Cadet Corps (N.C.C)


NCC, a dynamic voluntary organization which has the motto of Unity and Discipline established with a view to inculcate in the youth a sense of patriotism that contributes towards the building of the nation. The NCC has been a platform for the self development of the youth and works on the principal of channelizing the energy of the youth into constructive pursuits. ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificates awarded to cadets as per norms.

The NCC wing of our college well captained by Dr. Lt. Munegowda, the NCC officer of 39 kar.




In college, class teachers also play the role of mentors for their students. We started mentoring in an informal way- class teachers initially interacted with students with regard to their classes, attendance, assignments, career prospects, career objectives etc.

Now, the mentorship taken seriously, with each section having 2 mentors, who are the confidants of the students. Students encouraged to discuss with their respective mentor about any problem or to share their anguish etc. freely, so that the mentors can help them with kind advice and patient hearing.




Seshadripuram Educational Trust has an ocean of opportunities for talented & enthusiastic job seekers. An array of various institutions run by the Trust has multiple job opportunities – right from the academic arena to administrative areas. It welcomes people with inclination towards teaching or serving the knowledge sector. The career graph can see newer highs and the experience as well as expertise of professionals duly respected and remunerated here.

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