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Seshadripuram Evening Degree College established in 1971 the first Institution to offer Undergraduate courses

The evening classes started with the primary objective of imparting instruction in higher studies to employed students. The college is a constituent college of Bangalore city University. Being in the center of the city, it has an easy reach and connectivity. Its premises comprise of spacious building, with Good Canteen and well-kept Library, offices, staff room, lecture rooms and computer laboratory – thus, well equipped for all academic, sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.







Place to conduct events and activities of the college. It is used by the group of students at one place and conduct effective interaction with the staff, or the guests, who have attended the meetings or workshops. The auditorium of our college has over the years hosted so many seminars, symposiums and cultural activities. This double tiered hall which has a warm, old world ambience but is nevertheless equipped with the latest technology is still the perfect venue for any college gatherings.


Seminar Hall


The college provides spacious seminar hall with a captivating ambience, different from the usual classroom atmosphere for presentations, guest lectures and seminars, meetings, workshops etc. The seminar Hall equipped with an inbuilt audio-visual system, fully air conditioned seminar hall has a seating capacity of 80.


Conference Hall


college conference hall is a beautiful value addition to the college infrastructure. The fully air-conditioned hall with the latest of audio-visual facilities has a seating capacity of nearly 200. These make it the ideal venue with the perfect ambience for conducting national and international conferences.




The college has a fine library stocked with almost 30,000 books and a reading room.

The library remains open from morning 7:30am to 9:00pm. The student’s text book section of the library lends text books to students on a longer-term basis than other books.

There has been a steady increase in the number of students visiting the College Library. To motivate the users of Library, ‘Best User Award’ is given every year.




Well-equipped laboratories which help students to gain practical knowledge for better understanding of the theoretical concepts.


Business Lab


A dedicated business lab for the benefit of staff and students has been initiated in new premises to develop global competency and keep them updated with recent practices in the business world. The lab provides practical orientation to students by linking the subject syllabus with practical training in the lab. The business Lab is equipped with the latest teaching aids such as projector, computer systems with internet and charts, models, magazines prepared by students are displayed for the benefit of all.


Digital Lab


Computer labs can be found at each campus location for student access as well as for the provision of taking continuing education courses by the institution. Seshadripuram Evening Degree College shall strive to create a learning environment that encourages accessing and using the best available electronic information for education purposes. Seshadripuram Evening Degree College believes electronic devices through the Internet increase the opportunity to learn effectively by communicating and collecting timely information to the students.




The college facilitate two canteens where a variety of tasty and hygienically prepared food is available at reasonable rates. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, a quick snack or a cup of coffee, the canteen is where you need to head. Conveniently located in the college quadrangle and just outside the main gate, the two canteens are easily accessible to staff and visitors as well. It is a pleasant sight to see students spread out across the quadrangle, enjoying their food in groups.




Our college facilitate well-equipped clinic with a full -time doctor and an assistant present within the premises of the college. As a result, the college provide immediate medical assistance to students in case of an emergency. Health cards containing the medical history of all students are maintained. Students also welcome to approach the clinic for free health check-ups anytime.




An elevator facilitates vertical transport vehicle that efficiently moves the people between different floors of the college building. The facility availed by both staff members as well as differently-abled students. A lift operator  present at all times to enable safe movement of people up and down the college.


Staff Room


The college facilitate a distinctive space for faculty members to unroll after the lecture routines. The faculty room provides a space where they can interact with each other as well as students, share creative ideas and help each other in sharing knowledge.




The parking space is provided within the college for students, staff members and visitors. Equipped with round-the clock security services including security guards and CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the vehicles.




The college built convenient located rest rooms on various floors are a part of the college infrastructure. Adequate number of toilets, washbowls, mirrors, dustbins etc. Well maintained by the college housekeeping staff thereby ensuring the provision of hygienic basic amenities.




The college facilitate Wheelchair with the ramp for the specially challenged and for students who require this facility.




The college furnishes round the clock security in the college campus, especially at the gates. Security guards maintain the movements of students and visitors at the gates. And at the campus, CCTVs  fixed in prime locations to tighten the security set up.


Visitors’ Waiting Room


Our college has a waiting room for visitors to relax while they wait to meet the concerned college authorities. The administrative staffs ensure that visitors feel welcome and they are very forthcoming with any assistance the visitors require.




In order to cheer and advance the use of technology in the twin processes of teaching and learning, our college provides free and high speed Wi-Fi internet access in the campus to all students and teachers.


Power Generator


Our college has a power generator to avoid unplanned classes off, so course materials get covers without distraction. The power generator used when the primary power grid fails.


Multi Gym


The well equipped multi gym provides students the opportunity to build their stamina to be better able to cope with the rigours of college life, channelize their energies in a healthy way and also hone their physique. Membership to the gym may availed by both students and staff members at extremely nominal fees.

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