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SB College Of Hospital Administration Bangalore growing modern world of today has advanced tremendously where life science is concerned with innovative machines and equipments to diagnose, treat ad help recuperate. Yet the human touch is still the source of comfort. Nursing is one such profession that still calls for a service mind and compassion. It is a holistic care keeping in mind the physical, social, mental and emotional needs of the needy.Established in the year 2003 with an aspiration to provide quality education, excellence in clinical practice, community service and nursing research, SB School and College of Nursing has grown in strength.

Recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka and Indian Nursing Council, as well as approved by Karnataka State Nursing Council and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board, SB School and College of Nursing has contributed significantly to competent and skilled nursing entering the medical sector.To nurture and strive to adopt the best practices are two main objectives of SB School and College. The alumni have made a mark in the field of nursing and global health care. The institution has successfully equipped its students with competencies of service, research, and the inquiry skills to create thoughts and policies for the health systems management.










The library is a large, well-lit space with plenty of seating for students to study. There are thousands of books on different nursing subjects, as well as current National & International Journals of Nursing magazines on health & fitness. The library also has a separate section for the Helinet Online library, which provides access to a variety of electronic resources.




To achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with the pressures of studying, one needs to be healthy both emotionally and physically.The campus has a number of centres for physical education and sports.



Hygiene is of utmost importance as student’s healthy body is the goal. Provide very hygienic & homely food to our students, where in they can opt North or South Indian food. Mess facilities are also excellent with a large dining area and filter water for drinking.




The college has two buses with a seating capacity of 60 students used for clinical as well as community posting. Bus facilities also given to interested students who attend prayers at church and temple on Sundays & General Holidays.




College have a big spacious auditorium of 3000 sq. ft. area, with well equipped Dias, Tables, Chairs, Music system and decoration items. Also well equipped to conduct the university examination with CCTV camera facility and for conducting various programs of our college.




The college has a variety of labs for different subjects, including a nursing lab, a science lab, and a computer lab. The labs are well-equipped with the latest technology and provide students with the opportunity to learn by doing.

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