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PA First Grade College


PA First Grade College affiliated to the Mangalore University, Mangalagangothri, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka and has been recognized by the University Grants Commission since a long time.

This college , counted among the top-rated colleges in Karnataka with an excellent scholastic and co-scholastic track record. One of the emerging academic wings of the PACE group, and located in a picturesque campus with all modern amenities pertaining to campus infrastructure, the college offers undergraduate degree programmes in Food Technology, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Computer Science, Commerce and Business Administration. A matter of great pride to be known as the first college in Dakshina Kannada to have established B. Sc. in Food Technology. Students thus given ample opportunities for developing their personality and professional aptitude.

 Aims – PA First Grade College


To foster valuable resources for society and industry through excellence in education, training, and skill set development.

  • To develop students’ intellectual capacities in Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Commerce and Management to the fullest.
  • To strive for better Industry-Academia collaborations to sensitively actualise solutions toward building an inclusive society.
  • To generate new prospects of employment through continuous creative exploration of skill sets.

PACE Group currently houses 17 educational institutions with over 2000 staffand more than 20,000 students from 25 nationalities. PACE Group proposes to have many more modern educational institutions in view of the high demand from parents and the respect and reputation our institutions gained over the years. The management also plans to establish its educational innovation wing with its own resource centre where action research will be conducted to solve the day to day problems related to teaching and learning process, and to equip the teachers with the latest techniques in the field of education and ultimately empower teachers to make teaching more learner oriented and lively.

Starting their service to the educational sector in India, from 2000 onward, PACE Group has now 17 educational institutions across Kerala, Karnataka, and Middle East

Facilities in PA First Grade College




The P. A. E. T. Campus, Mangalore is spread across 65-acre lush green area, fully developed internal roads and street lights. Beautifully landscaped gardens on campus help the students refuel themselves after classes.

As an eco-friendly attempt to conserve water, an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) has been setup to provide recycled water for gardens in the campus.

Diesel generators and transformers ensure uninterrupted power supply for the entire campus. A professional security agency provides round-the-clock security in the campus.

Class rooms and laboratories


Class rooms are well designed with audio visual teaching aids to make learning meaningful. Laboratories are well equipped.


Seminar Halls and Auditorium


Guest lectures, conferences and other events are conducted in the seminar halls and multipurpose halls. A huge auditorium in the campus, with audiovisual facility is used to conduct events, workshops and conferences.




To ensure the fitness of students and faculty, a well-equipped gymnasium functions within campus.



The spacious cafeteria serves a variety of hygienically prepared food.


Departmental Store


The departmental store is well stocked with all the necessary items for students and staff.



The Vijaya bank has an extension counter which operates within the campus along with ATM service.

Post Office


A postal center is functional in the campus..

Library at PA First Grade College


  • The central library has a good collection of books, periodicals, journals and newspapers
  • Dedicated reading areas are provided for students and staff.
  • A computer zone, microfilming area, documentation centre and an audio-visual room are also available.



Sports can build the character of a student and inculcates the team building skills in them. The active Physical Education Department aims at grooming and improving the emotional wellbeing, self-confidence and leadership qualities in students. We help the students improve interaction with diverse sets of people.

Sports Centre at P. A. E. T. Campus offers facilities for both indoor and outdoor games.

Outdoor facilities:

  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
    • Throw ball
    •  Badminton
  • Indoor Facilities
    • Table Tennis
    • Chess & Caroms

    Students from our institutions have participated and bagged trophies in various inter collegiate and university sports events. We also conduct inter departmental and inter collegiate events within the campus.

 Hostel –  PA First Grade College


  • Hostel facility for boys and girls is available within the campus
  • Each building is well furnished and has adequate toilets, dining hall with high tech modular kitchen, recreation rooms and lounges.
  • The staff wardens and resident wardens monitor the students.
  • Professionally managed caterers provide healthy, hygienic and tasty vegetarian/ non vegetarian food.



  • Twenty college buses are plying from college to various places of Dakshina Kannada and neighboring district Kasaragod to enable students to commute daily from Kasaragod and different locations in and around Mangalore
  • Separate bus facility for girls is also arranged

Nature club


Being with nature mentors the students’ psychological and physical well-being. It assists in diminishing strain, and refine concentration. On this call of nature, Nature Club with a noble cause, is formed to generate among the students, the awareness about the significance of safeguarding our nature & environment. The Club enlists students’ participation in sustaining a hygienic and healthy campus by planting more trees, holding seminars on topics related to current environmental problems, and conducting study tours to eco-tourism centres. All activities planned and finalised through meetings. The Club, strives to evolve, a love for nature and environmental consciousness in the college community. Apart from these, the Club also interested to medicinal plants and herbs, and also to promote the natural habitat of honey bees. The Club has also planned to arrange a nature camp and  working towards shape the college campus .

 Commerce Association


In order to meet the challenging needs of the corporate world, therefore students  equipped to take the reins of pragmatic sensibility. The Commerce Association started to enrich and empower the students with academic and technical excellence. The Association directs to stimulate students to be abreast with the current events in Economics, Econometrics, and Business. It further fosters critical thinking in order to implement the concepts and theories learnt from classrooms and beyond. It also aims at bringing out the inherent talents of the students. The Association conducts detailed discussions on the major policies and governmental decisions in the global scenario such as GST, inflation, etc., which enables the students to think and analyse these in different dimensions. To broaden the outlook of students with exposure to good industry practices and regulations, industrial visits organised. Activities like ‘Brand Rangoli,’ ‘Quiz,’ ‘Commerce Fest,’ etc.conducted so that the students can continue to expand the horizons of knowledge beyond what taught in their classrooms.

 Language Association


The Language Association functions with the overt aim to enlarge the imaginative faculties of students by exhorting them to give free expression to their ideas through various literary forms in Indian and foreign languages. The activities of this group  scheduled to augment the output of the members of the association and thereby imparting these values to the student community as a whole.The Association introduced a new word each day titled PADPARICHAY to enrich the students’ vocabulary.  The Association provides opportunities to the students by encouraging them participation in different activities like essay writing, versification, etc., to enhance their writing skills. We also conduct debate, extempore, JAMs, etc. to enhance their oral skills. The group aimed as a catalyst for the students to increase their skills in languages and fosters multilingualism.

Sports club


Sports and games are vital for the development of a healthy person. Students encouraged to take part in sports and games and made to understand that ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. The Club established to prosper athleticism to keep students healthy and in good spirit. This Club bestows specialist coaching and training opportunities for committed performers. It encourages the students to take part in Intercollegiate / Inter Zonal / Zonal games and Sport Meets apart from the Annual Sports Meet in college and other intramural events. Usually, various competitions in all indoor and outdoor games also conducted during Sports-Day celebrations. In addition, our students hence categorised into different houses, and  encouraged to participate in different competitions. The College not only aims to improve a student’s physical abilities, but also instil a sense of good sportsmanship in them. This year onward we are encouraging Women’s Football and Cricket matches apart from the usual Throw ball, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.

Arts association


“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of a man go together.”- said John Ruskin. The prime objective of the Fine Arts Association of the college is to invigorate and enable the students to actively learn and develop their talents and skills in artistic expression. Students interested in songs, dance, theatre, films, paintings, crafts and sculpture, etc.,  given specialised training to improve their skills in Fine Arts. Competitions also conducted regularly. Students thus encouraged to participate in the competitions held at various colleges. Needless to say, students have unique ideas and powerful imaginations, and we provide them the needed space to work through their artistic expressions to the fullest.

NSS unit – PA First Grade College


The NSS unit initiated to arouse the social consciousness of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people around the educational campuses creatively and constructively, and to put the education they received to concrete social use. Primary aim of the scheme to enable the students to upgrade their personality and experience, through community service. Value Education is an important aspect of higher education in India, and through NSS we extend our support to the community by serving the needy. This service is related to awareness programmes, community building programmes, education and empowerment programmes, and crisis management programmes.

Science association


Science Association is a successful approach that integrates high quality, hands-on knowledge and greater service to humanity through inventions and improvisations. The association serves as a valuable aid in teaching science through practical schemes, and also as a means of motivating the children for learning science. The successful working of this association depend on the persons who regulate it, and on the interest and enthusiasm of students. The types of activities undertaken by the association includes arranging talks and lectures from the distinguished speakers, training by subject experts, conducting discussions on the subject of the scientific interest, deliberating on the construct of models, striving for better mechanisms at lower costs, etc for instance.

Student welfare association


Student Welfare Association  constituted for the general and specific well-being of students. It endeavours to help a student’s educational process to advance their academic as well as personal abilities. The committee works for the overall welfare of the students in terms of students’ development which consist of student development programmes, counselling of the students, co-curricular activities, and many more. The committee regulates various activities to intensify the skill set of students. The student welfare programme provides assistance to children, those who identified as facing difficulties either at home or at school; academic, emotional, physical or social. With the proper assistance, hence work with parents and staff, to assess each child in our programme as an individual, determine their needs and endeavour to assist them to achieve their potential.

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