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MVJ College of Education established in 1980 by great legendary Dr. M.V. Jayaraman, a well versed literate and pioneer in the field of education. His prime motto is to provide low-cost quality education to the needy and to the cross section society. The institution is affiliated to Bangalore University, recognized by NCTE and Government of Karnataka. The institution lays stress in imparting quality education.




MVJ College of Education is striving hard to prepare world class teachers who in turn serves as ambassadors of our culture and great nation. The institution is committed to offer qualitative pre-service teacher development of the B.Ed., trainees, endearing to provide equal and fair access to wisdom and opportunities especially to the disadvantaged, the minority, the women and the weaker sections of the society, by leveraging technology and to prepare world class teachers.




The trainees also motivated to enrich their knowledge, skills and attitude for teacher Development programme, provide adequate knowledge in information and Communication to face the future challenges in their career, resolve local, national, global, cultural, psychological, pedagogical issues involving all the stakeholders, besides fostering win-win attitude among the student-trainees through emerging trends, innovations and leveraging technologies.

Facilities in MVJ College of Education




Well equipped different laboratories like Psychology lab,Physical science lab ,Biological science lab, Mathematics lab, Technology lab, including availability of Lab manual.




Our library is a treasure of knowledge with the collection of Sufficient books available according to the new curriculum of different authors including foreign authors and also NCTE journals,magazines and newspapers along with question bank and attached reading room.


Computer Lab


Well equipped computer laboratory with internet and wifi connection


Sports and extra-curricular activities play a very important role in our life. Involving ourselves in these activities will freshen up our minds and reduces all our pressure.

Sports activities are one of our exciting part of campus life in our institutes.


The social bastion of the college provides a platform for students to exhibit and develop their talents. Each year, a wide variety of artistic and other creative talents identified and recognized . Students  also provide opportunities to win more accolades in intercollegiate competitions. Celebrations of Theme Week, Ethnic Day, Colours Week and the Annual College Day, a bright event of music, dance and other stage performances denotes the high purpose of every academic year, make a lively school condition


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