MSc Organic Chemistry

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M.Sc. Organic Chemistry or Master of Science in Organic Chemistry is a postgraduate Chemistry course. Organic Chemistry covers the study of Organic chemistry which is a sub-discipline within chemistry involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation (by synthesis or by other means) of carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons, and their derivatives. These compounds may contain any number of other elements, including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, the halogens as well as phosphorus, silicon and sulfur. The duration of M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry is mostly of two academic years but it varies from institute to institute. The B.P.H.E. Society’s Ahmednagar College, Maharashtra is providing in two years. The minimum time to complete the course is also two years. The course is available both in full time and part-time basis. The syllabus for the course is divided into four semesters.

More Details About MSc Organic Chemistry

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Eligibility
  • The candidates should have completed B.Sc. Degree in science subjects (biology, maths and chemistry) under any registered University in the respective subject in Science stream.
  • The marks of admission for this course vary from University to University.
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Course Suitability
  • They should have analytical and problem-solving such as examining and interpreting results and making evaluations based on limited information.
  • Other skills necessary for it, are the time management and organization of planning and executing experiments, undertaking individual and team project work and completing your dissertation.
  • Written and oral communication is other essentials for the course - sharing your research findings via written reports and oral presentations to different audiences, assimilating scientific theories and arguments for discussion and debate.
  • They must have teamwork spirit that is crucial both during the Master degree course and after it during job career.
How is M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Course Beneficial?
  • After having passed the course, teaching is one of the best options both in schools and colleges levels; for this at the college level, they must have passed the NET exam.
  • They can also go for jobs in research and development in the industry.
  • In the public sector, one can find opportunities in Oil India, Geological Survey of India, Meteorological Survey of India, and Department of Oceanography, etc.
  • Other areas where they can get jobs are management, production, packaging, quality control, marketing and sales in industries such as pharmaceuticals, foods, dyes, cosmetics, polymer, Chemical, etc.
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Employment Areas
  • Agrochemical Companies
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Plastic and Polymer Companies
  • Medical Colleges & Universities
  • Metallurgical Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Job Types
  • Deputy Manager QC
  • Organic Chemistry Professor
  • Research Chemist
  • Analytical Chemistry Associate
  • Chemistry Project Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Marketing Executive
  • Synthetic Organic Chemist
Advance Course in M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)

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