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Mahalasa College of Arts Mangaluru,  established in the year 1978. Under the guidance and leadership of Honourable Secretary Sri A.S Chandrakeerthi Jain and Sri Baburao, Director Mahalasa School of Arts was established with due permission from Collegiate Education to impart fine art education, affiliated to Mangalore University, B.V.A- 4 year Graduation Courses & consequently permanent registration was granted by Government of Karnataka.

The alumni of our institution have created a niche for themselves in the state of Karnataka as well as across the length and breadth of the country taking up a variety of assignments in the field of animation, graphic design, mural design, landscape design, interior design, textile design, web design etc. Our campus has always buzzed with activities ranging from workshops, exhibitions, camps, competitions, seminars, traditional art, folk art, tribal art, modern art conducted by practitioners of the highest order and excellence- The college hence won over 262 awards in State and National level.

The medium of visual art thus said to be having the greatest impact on humans. Cutting across the barriers of language, race. caste, creed, nationality, ethnicity, and sex. It’s a common and colorful language of the global citizen. In addition , It can drive away a human being from darkness into enlightenment. Today Mahalasa College of Visual Art stands as a reputed name amongst the college, which are Importing visual art education all over Karnataka.





Mahalasa College of visual arts is has Painting department and Applied Art Department.  The college  headed by Principal K. T. Nagaraju. The head of the Painting Department is N.S. Pattar. The faculties at Painting department includes Syed Asif Ali, B.P.Mohan Kumar as well as visiting faculty Prashanth K.

The Head of the Applied Art Department is B.P.Mohan Kumar.

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