MA Visual Arts

About The Course

M.A. Visual Arts or Master of Arts in Visual Arts is a postgraduate Fine Arts course. The visual arts are art forms that create works which are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, and often modern visual arts (photography, video, and filmmaking) and architecture. The duration of M.A. in Visual Arts is mostly of two academic years but it may vary from institute to institute. The syllabi for the course are divided into four semesters. The course is an important and job orienting one in the field of art and culture, etc.

More Details About MA Visual Arts

M.A. Visual Arts Eligibility
  • Aspiring students should have passed B.A. (Fine) in Art History or B.A. (Fine) in any of the Fine Arts or a Humanities degree with special aptitude and background of the subject.
  • Other university graduates than those in Humanities are also considered for admission if they show proof of aptitude in the Fine Arts and familiarity with art objects and literature on art, provided they put in one additional year to cover the prerequisites.
  • The marks of admission for this course may vary from institute to institute.
M.A. Visual Arts Course Suitability
  • Students having an interest in Visual Arts, want to preserve and want to make it the destination of tourism, etc. are most suitable for this course.
  • Candidates willing to go for higher degree level for becoming teacher/lecturer also are a good match for M.A. (Visual Arts) course.
  • Who have interest in art and good at painting; drawing, sculpting and working in a range of media and the current fashion also are suitable for this course.
How is M.A. Visual Arts Course Beneficial?
  • This degree course enables the students to go for Visual Arts programmes both at the state and centre level such as creative arts which includes advertising, crafts, cultural heritage, design, music, performing, literary and visual arts. So, it offers many job opportunities.
  • One can go for higher degree programmes in respective subjects aiming to become teacher and lecturer.
  • They also can get jobs in cultural heritages of India such as museums, art gallery, tourism industry and the like many other places.
M.A. Visual Arts Employment Areas
  • Film, TV & Radio
  • IT & Multimedia
  • Music
  • Arts Management
  • Visual Arts
  • Museums, Libraries & Associations
  • Designing Companies
  • Performing Arts
  • Marketing
  • Production & Technical
  • Business Opportunities
M.A. Visual Arts Job Types
  • Creative Producer
  • Film Trainer & Coordinator
  • Support and Application Specialist Consultant
  • Marketing Tourism Coordinator
  • Regional Community Creative Producer
  • Visual Arts Curator
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Web Development Officer
  • Administration Assistant
  • Technical Director
  • Business Manager
  • Home Tutor
Advance Courses in M.A. Visual Arts
  • M.Phil. (Visual Arts)
  • Ph.D. (Visual Arts)

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