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 Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College was established in the month of November 2002 with a vision to attain Ayurveda its lost glory by imparting genuine Ayurveda education for the students of Ayurveda and releases qualified, skilful Ayurveda physicians to meet the healthcare needs of the ailing mankind.The college is situated at Hoigebail, Ashoknagar in Mangalore and is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and Central Council for Indian Medicine, New Delhi.

Established under the auspices of Karnataka Education and charitable Trust. Unit of SCS Group of institutions Mangalore. Established in the year 2002 and since then it’s the one and only Ayurveda College in the heart of the city of Mangalore. The college has a well-equipped and full-fledged hospital with both Out Patient Department (OPD) and In Patient Department (IPD). The hospital has160 beds for In-patients. The students are clinically trained in various departments of the hospital.Panchakarma Therapy, Ksharasutra Therapy, Gyanaec and Paediatric treatments, Surgical procedures, General Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, Neurological disorders, Chronic and acute conditions, diabetes, Obesity, Skin Diseases and other treatment procedures and consultation of Ayurveda and Modern specialists are available round the clock.  Fully Equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment

Full-time dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff including experienced personnel in rare branches of Ayurveda such as Swasthavritta, Manasaroga, Samhitha and Roganidana. The College has a pharmacy to cater the needs of the inpatients, outpatients and general public.



Herbal Garden in Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College


Well maintained Herbal Garden which consists of exquisite collections of more than 500 species of rare herbs, plants and trees. The management and staff  are sincerely committed to impart high quality Ayurveda education with high moral standards.

Campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure consisting of college building, hospital building, hostels, pharmacy, herbal garden, cafeteria, playground etc. The departments with well-furnished museums, laboratories, class rooms, PG departments, audio-visual aids and state of the art library.

Vision – to groom a cadre of high quality Ayurveda Healthcare Specialists



Ayurveda – The Science of Life


It’s the knowledge that indicates the appropriate and inappropriate, happy or sorrowful conditions of living, what’s auspicious or inauspicious for longevity as well as measure of life itself. Ayurveda, which literally means “The science of life”, is the natural healing system of India, its traditional medicine going back to ancient times as earlier as the time of Vedas.





Herbal Garden


The college has a well maintained Herbal Garden spread over 05 Acres of land and consists of exquisite collection  of rare herbs, plants and trees. The Garden houses more than 1500 medicinal plants and consists of a Green House and Demonstration Room.




Provides Hostel accomodation facilities to out-station students.  Accomodate more than 400 students. Located very close to the campus and  well maintained and supervised. In-house kitchen facilities along with dining hall . At KAMC Hostels, our efficient wardens ensure that our students have a comfortable and safe accomodation. Special care and attention  rendered to make sure our students live in comfort and hygiene.




Dravya Guna Laboratory






Overall development of students  is not just limited to academic learning but also extends beyond academics. We at KAMC, believe in overall development of our students and we actively encourage them to engage in sports & games, cultural activities and festival celebrations. Moreover at KAMC, we celebrate most of the regional festivals  thereby introducing our students to various cultures and traditions .


Transport Facility



Approved by Government of Karnataka & National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM)and  affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health And Science.

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