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Karavali College of Nursing is a dynamic center for nursing education and excellence in Mangalore. The college is located in the Karavali College Building and offers Bachelor of Science (Nursing), Post Certificate in Bachelor of Science (Nursing), Master of Science (Nursing) programs affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore. All programs are recognized by the Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Nursing Council (KNC), and Indian Nursing Council (INC).



The college has not only gained academic excellence but is also proud of producing skilled, committed, conscientious, and confident nursing graduates. Every year the students of this college are placed in top university positions with excellent academic performance. The college has an excellent infrastructure and a team of hardworking, versatile, and dedicated faculty and staff.

All the nursing educational programs here  organized very carefully to provide broad and in-depth knowledge and skills to the students to enable them to function effectively in varied nursing situations where after graduation they may need to function. The students carry out various activities for the social welfare of people living in rural areas and urban slums. Various health awareness camps also organized under the guidance of the program officer of the college

Various workshops, conferences, seminars, and panel discussions conducted regularly to help upgrade the knowledge and skills of the faculty and post-graduate students  to keep pace with the advancement in technology and ever-changing trends in the health care system.





  1. Firstly ,to provide a broad-based education for the preparation of nursing personnel at an advanced level who can function in a wide variety of settings and contribute effectively towards professional upliftment.
  2. Secondly , prepare a corps of well-qualified nurses who can hold the leadership responsibilities.
  3. Thirdly ,Develop the ability to appraise research reports critically and acquire competencies in conducting qualitative and quantitative studies in nursing.
  4. In addition ,also promote the deeper study of nursing with a view to prepare for distinctive positions
  5. Also to explore the areas of higher studies in nursing and to give direction for serving contemporary and future needs .
  6. To remove the paucity of well-qualified nursing teachers/nurse specialists in our country.





Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS). Recognized by the Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Nursing Council (KNC), and Indian Nursing Council (INC).

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