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Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (IIJNM) – South Asia’s leading post-graduate schools of journalism and media. Located in Bangalore in the heart of India’s high-tech industry, the institute offers an excellent curriculum that combines both theory and practice to prepare its graduates for positions in the media industry. IIJNM offers a curriculum developed in association with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York. Its programs in print, television, radio and multimedia journalism embody the best practices in media industry and media technology.

With increasing opportunities for employment in the media profession, journalism today is a preferred career choice. As an independent institution not affiliated with or run by any one newspaper or media organization, IIJNM is able to maintain wider association within the industry. Our graduates have access to practically every media organization for possible employment. IIJNM offers its students extensive placement assistance, and to date, has achieved practically full job placement for our graduates at attractive salaries.

If you aspire for a great career in journalism, you must get started with the best training for it. There is no other institution in India that offers what IIJNM does for you – both theoretical and practical training by excellent faculty from around the world who have been or still are working journalists. You study in a friendly and professional environment that prepares you to take up the challenge and move up the ladder in the media profession.


Course Offered in Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media



Print Journalism


The means of delivering news is evolving but the skills required to publish news remain the same. More than ever, newspaper professionals must consistently demonstrate the qualities of precision, accuracy, speed, fairness, understanding and public responsibility. Here at IIJNM, the print stream focuses on good, solid, hard news reporting for newsprint and magazine.


Broadcast Journalism


Through the Broadcast Journalism program, you will discover and master the best techniques of reporting, writing and editing broadcast news and feature stories. You will learn the skills to shoot and record interviews, plan and execute news stories, and anchor bulletins and programs. You will also get an insight into the nuances of editing and news presentation.

Students of Broadcast Journalism gain these skills through a blend of theoretical and practical courses and workshops. The changing media industry expects all journalists to be proficient with the skills involved in all mediums of news production.


Online/Multimedia Journalism


More media houses are adding online/web to their print and/or broadcast offerings, and updating them regularly. In Multimedia, students learn solid reporting skills along with the technical skills needed for presenting news online. This “Convergence” programme combines print and broadcast into online with texts and images that are updated frequently. Students create their multimedia website, and do everything from gathering and writing content to publishing their work.




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The IIJNM program requires intense study for one year, and all students must preferably stay in the dormitory next to the college, unless an exemption is granted.  Stay at the college dormitory is all the more important for safety reasons, especially in view of Covid-19 situation. The walking distance between college and hostel is barely 100 yards.

IIJNM campus is just 45 minutes from main Bangalore city. Healthy climate and adequate clean water availability make the area very attractive for living comfortably. It offers a scenic environment free of heavy traffic, pollution and noise.

The campus is in a secure area, well protected with sufficient security guards. A convenient and modern residential facility is provided separately for both male and female students, with supervision by a hostel warden. The cafeteria adjacent to the dormitory offers regular quality meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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IIJNM maintains close contacts and professional relationships with a large number of news organizations, academic institutions and corporations in India and abroad. The journalism community in India recognizes the quality of our program and the calibre of our students. Our graduates are now working in CNN, Bloomberg, CNN-IBN, CNBC, Republic TV, Times Now, Google, Reuters, Rediff, Press Association-UK, and major newspapers like Times of India, Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, and many other leading online media organizations.

Job opportunities fall into two categories: 1) field positions such as reporter, photo journalist, cameraman,  mobile journalist (mojo) and investigative journalist who physically cover the news where events take place, or take on leads to uncover the story, and 2) journalists working from offices in positions of sub-editor, editor, columnist, image editor, content writer, copy editor, page designer, video editor, audio editor,  online editor,  infographic designer, director, producer and in a host of other jobs. IIJNM trains its students for each and every category of journalism. It is a profession that offers exposure to the outside world, and excitement and flexibility in the work.

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