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Basaveshwara Para Medical College Chitradurga



Basaveshwara Para Medical College Chitradurga, stands out as a premier institution for aspiring healthcare professionals. It’s recognized as one of the top paramedical colleges in the state, offering a gateway to fulfilling careers in various medical support fields.

Renowned Affiliation: The college is affiliated with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru, ensuring a curriculum aligned with the latest medical advancements.

Approved by PMB: Accreditation by the Para Medical Board (PMB) guarantees the college meets rigorous quality standards.

Affordable Excellence: Basaveshwara offers a range of paramedical courses with a total of 148 seats, all at accessible fees. This commitment makes high-quality healthcare education attainable for a wider range of students.

Diverse Programs: (You can add specific program examples here if available on the college website). The college boasts a comprehensive selection of paramedical programs, equipping students with specialized skills in various healthcare specialties.

Beyond Affordability: A Supportive Learning Environment

 Basaveshwara Para Medical College likely fosters a supportive learning environment that goes beyond affordability. Look for information about experienced faculty, well-equipped labs, and a focus on practical training. Mention any hostels or student support services if available.

By combining affordability, esteemed affiliation, and a diverse range of programs, Basaveshwara Para Medical College empowers students to embark on rewarding careers as skilled healthcare professionals.









The central library and information centre is located in college main building out of three floor of library. Central library well equipped with medical books, periodicals, CD’s, DVDs, bound volumes, national and international journals. Vibrant hub of intellectual activity, hosting lively author talks, engaging book clubs, and workshops that empower both seasoned researchers and curious minds. Whether you’re seeking wisdom from antiquity or the latest scientific breakthroughs, the library stands ready to serve as your guide, your sanctuary, and your intellectual compass.




The Institute owns several buses that operate from various parts of the city to the campus for the benefit of staff and students. At present, 5 buses dedicated for transportation.




To achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with the pressures of studying, one needs to be healthy both emotionally and physically. The campus has a number of centres for physical education and sports activities that help the students maintain fitness and develop a competitive spirit.




Hygiene is of utmost importance as student’s healthy body is the goal. Provide very hygienic & homely food to our students, where in they can opt North or South Indian food. Mess facilities are also excellent.




The college has two buses with a seating capacity of 60 students used for clinical as well as community posting.




College have a big spacious auditorium of 3000 sq. ft. area, where around 600 students can sit comfortably without difficulty. Also well equipped to conduct the university examination.

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