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Dr. M Mohan  Alvas College of Physiotherapy Alva set up an Ayurvedic clinic in Moodubidire in 1980 to cater to the basic health needs of the people of his village. The clinic responded to the then prevalent main health issue like snake bite. He started Alva’s Pharmacy in 1982 to produce the necessary medicines. Alva’s Health Center, a full-fledged multi speciality hospital came into existence in 1986. After finding the solutions for the health needs, Dr. Alva diverted his attention to the idea of serving the society. He realized the need for creating job opportunities for the rural youth. He started the Paramedical courses to support the health needs and to help the youth to find jobs very easily. Alva’s Education Foundation came into existence in 1995 with Alva’s Institute of Nursing and alvas college of physiotherapy . Nursing College and Ayurvedic Medical Colleges were added in 1996.






Anatomy/Physiology laboratories


• Well equipped anatomy and physiology labs

• Students are exposed to the dissected cadaver; specimen of different organs and bones of human body and also various physiological experiments


Research and Development


For decades, physiotherapy practice has been the subject of criticism for its lack of a research base. Despite an overall positive attitude towards evidence-based practice, most physiotherapists utilized treatment techniques with little scientific support. Our college has orchestrated a shift towards the use of research and scientific evidence to guide practice decisions

Being a research institute, we offer a lot of opportunities for our staff and students to carry out their research studies. Our staff and students are involved in research studies perennially. Our college has a lab with all the latest research equipments for conducting research in all the fields of physiotherapy (sports, Ortho, Cardio, Neuro, Paediatrics, CBR, OBG, etc).

Another important feature of clinical practice is evidence based practice. It is the explicit use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients and is a concept of growing importance for physiotherapy.


Fitness and Exercise Lab


Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life. Alva’s Fitmaxx, a holistic fitness centre which propagates the message of fitness into public as well as to the students has been the part of Alva’s College of Physiotherapy and Research centre since 2009. Equipped with different machines for workout, we focus on the overall fitness of a person. Equipped with advanced instruments where we analize baseline RMR, VO2 max, Repetition maximum, nutrition, core stability, BMI, fat ratio and prescribe exercises on individual basis and analyze the improvement every three months and document them.

Fitness trainers use progressive, successive training programs that are specific to each client. They select the appropriate loads, reps, sets and sequence of exercises therefore making your time more efficient, and ensuring better results than training alone. Workouts will be hard, but education with a fun element will have a positive effect on your whole life. Fitness Trainers will also provide nutritional and lifestyle changing advice, allowing you to achieve your goals faster


Exercise and Electrotherapy Labs


Being the basic subjects of physiotherapy, we believe that students should have strong base in these subjects. Hence we provide them with therapeutic modalities and best practical classes on Electrotherapy and exercise therapy under the guidance of skilled and experienced lecturers. Each student gets a hands on experience with therapeutic modalities before being into the clinics.


Hostel Accommodation


Separate hostels are available for both boys and girls students of Alva’s college of Physiotherapy

Hostels  equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras within premises for security purpose

Each hosteller  provided with cot, table, chair and wardrobe.

Regular water supply, power supply, backed with stand-by generator  ensured.

Rooms spacious, comfortable and well ventilated .

Hostel mess provides tasty and nutritious food to students.

A homely environment  created for the purpose of students who are residing in hostels away from their home.

Tasty and healthy hostel food prepared and provided to students as per the menu put forth by the students committee.


Departmental Library


The College has fully equipped departmental library with latest edition of Physiotherapy books of renowned authors & publishers., the departmental library has proud possession of around 300 books which also includes books contributed and donated by staff and ACP alumni. In addition, medical journals, periodicals and other books both for UG and PG are also available for reference for students.




– Alva’s cafeteria is present within the college premises.

– It caters to the food and refreshment requirements of students and staff.

-Both Tasty and delicious refreshment and food  served at reasonable charges.


Multipurpose Auditorium


Alva’s College of Physiotherapy and Research Centre, possesses a multipurpose auditorium which has been a place to host many prestigious functions  . Auditorium  offers seating capacity of 250+ audiences . Also equipped with digital display system and audio features it stands among one of the excellent facility in Alva’s Education Foundation.

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