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Alvas College of Medical Laboratory Technology Moodabidri



Alvas College of Medical Laboratory Technology Moodabidri Medical Laboratory Technology, a highly developed discipline in the developed nations of the world, is yet to get its due importance in India. The demand for Medical Laboratory Technologists is expected to be exponential in the coming years  mainly due to the growth of health infrastructure as envisioned in the Government of India’s 11th Five year plan and the privatization of medical care in India. The growth in Industries, R & D’s, Marketing etc and overall infrastructure development in the country also suggests a greater demand for Medical Laboratory Technologists in providing quality laboratory and health services. Medical Laboratory Technologists offer services to people at all levels in the society.

Way back in 1999 Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF) recognized the need for  professional Medical Laboratory Technologists and hence established Alva’s College of Medical Laboratory Technology (ACMLT). Alva’s College Of Medical Laboratory Technology has both Bachelor (B.Sc MLT) and  Master (M.Sc MLT) programmes and is  now contemplating of starting a Doctoral  programme (Ph. D.) in Medical Laboratory Technology.Alva’s College Of Medical Laboratory Technology And Post Graduate Research Centre has been a centre of a excellence for the past 20 years since its inception in 1999.










The ambiance and the infrastructure created to make teaching learning effective and integrated with cultural and personal ethos has widely appreciated by everybody. The artistic campus provides every possible facility to its students.




Vibrant hub of intellectual activity, hosting lively author talks, engaging book clubs, and workshops that empower both seasoned researchers and curious minds. Whether you’re seeking wisdom from antiquity or the latest scientific breakthroughs, the library stands ready to serve as your guide, your sanctuary, and your intellectual compass.




Alva’s Education Foundation considers sports as an integral part of everyone’s life. So Dr.M.Mohan Alva founded Ekalavya Sports Academy in 1984. Utmost priority and encouragement are given to sports aspirants at Alva’s. There are more than 45 excellent coaches training the sports aspirants in different events. The Academy has trained more than 8000 students and produced state level national and international level athletes including Olympics. This has paved a way for many to find a career very easily. Nearly 400 students selected every year based on their talent and given completely free education under Adoption scheme with free food and accommodation. Alva’s College of Physical Education established in the year 2005. This enables sports aspirants to pursue their Degree and P.G Education in sports.




Alva’s Education Foundation believes in creating strong cultural identity for its students through a wide variety of activities. Youth with a strong sensibility of cultural identity can posses the ability to initiate the growth within the society and to reach the globe effectively.

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