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SJES College of Education



SJES College of Education & the campus have been established for providing the quality educational opportunities for the generations to come.

Endeavoured to create a highly inspiring atmosphere and learning environment in a beautiful campus located at Medahalli by the side of NH-4 (Old Madras Road). The salient features of the campus are the facilities such as laboratories, libraries, computer centers, well furnished & spacious class rooms, play grounds and separate hostels for girls and boys, all that is required for a student to pursue his studies without disturbances or distractions to the fullest extent.

Students in S.J.E.S. Institutions come from all over the country and abroad, apart from Karnataka. A large number of students join the S.J.E.S. from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Nepal etc.


Sri Jayachamarajendra Education Society



Sri Jayachamarajendra Education Society. It was founded by Sri. Kaverappa in 1979. SJES a multifaceted educational organization centrally located near K.R. Puram, Bangalore. Has been providing high quality education and has been instrumental in shaping many lives. It also offers a blend of traditional and modern teaching techniques, with doctorated, qualified and experienced lecturers. Our degree courses professionally accredited; SJES thus grown to become a premier and most respected institution in the city. Today the S.J.E.S. INSTITUTIONS have a beautiful 5 acres campus with necessary infrastructures.


Facilities in SJES College of Education



In view of the hard work and effort expected to be put in by the students of the program, provision  thus well equipped college library. The book then issued out for a period of 2 weeks. And then returned promptly on or before the due date. The books, journals and all the printed material in library , property of institution hence handled with care. The books assigned to the “reference” section of the library, not  taken out. “Reserved” books  issued out at 4 pm and returned the following .Students should not underline or make any marks in the books to ensure good care. Library , closed at 6 pm .


 laboratory facilities


Latest and best available equipment and computer facilities are provided to the students. Experimentation and observation, the basis of scientific study, faciliated in the labs. Students thus able to co-relate previousuly learned theory with practical analysis. A sophisticated computer lab equipped with over a 100nos of pentium 4 systems will be a part of facility.




Separate secure hostels available for both boys and girls. The Institute issues from time to time norms & standards for students behavior, violation of which is severely punished according to the laid down guidelines. All the hostels are provided with round the clock security. Hostel life is an important part of college. Getting to know your fellow students and living in an environment conducive to the pursuit of studies is vital to academic performance in the college years. It is just home away from home and a bridge for students to learn independence before venturing into their careers. Staying in a hostel also fosters the important qualities of self, patience, interpersonal communication and confidence.


lecture halls


The Lecture Halls are airy, spacious and well ventilated, in conformity with international standards. Extensive use of audio-visual media enables the students to grasp advance technology quite easily. College bus facility is available for transporting the students from college to Hospitals, Industrial Visits, Hostel and for other extra curricular activities. A large playing area with a wide variety of play equipment suitable for different age groups.Spacious, hygienic canteen





SJES will work closely with students in their endeavors to secure suitable employment upon graduation. On campus career fairs , organized to help generate awareness among students regarding opportunities. Career related programmes and experiences during college in the form of internships will enhance academic experience and assist in exploring career options. Time management skills and confidence  also developed during internships.

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College Life



Beautiful campus.. Amazing environment..Great cafeterias




This is a high profile, well maintained college with all the essential requirements. The campus itself is a sight to behold. The buildings are beautiful and some new of them are loading. The classroom is spacious and the benches, walls, blackboards are perfectly maintained. Other facilities such as labs, libraries, and grounds are also attractive. Hostels in particular is vast and is cleaned thoroughly daily. The food available is also pure, healthy and tasty.




The campus is fun. The people around are friendly. Once you are into the campus you forget all your miseries and all you can feel is positivity and fun around. You have people around you from different parts of the country with different languages and cultures. You get to learn a lot from them. You learn many lessons and create lovely friends for a life time. The support staff, teachers and everyone associated with the college will know you in no time. You’ll be in safe and sound environment.




My experience is great. I really enjoyed my journey here.




It was really good.Going to college daily.And getting lectures from our helpful and humble teachers.Visiting library after lectures ..and to canteens.But after lockdown every thing changed..batch of 2019 only got to enjoy for 1st Sem.College is safe for don’t have to fear anyone.Ragging doesn’t happen and professors really pay attention to every student so that discipline can be maintained. There are security guards at every gate and they check the i-cards before entering .




Experience was good.Got so many good friends.Thankful that I met such supportive and humble professors.They are very understanding.But corona ruined everything.I hope everything will be fine soon.So that students can enjoy the college and they can get the lecture in offline mode.

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