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Shree Devi College Mangalore Karnataka

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About The College

Shree Devi College is one of the Top Private College in Mangalore, Karnataka Established in 1992, under Shree Devi Education Trust, a respected name in the field of academic endeavor in the coastal districts of Karnataka, India.

It was founded by a team of enlightened educationalists with a vision to provide quality education to enable the youth to become efficient professionals as well as upright citizens. The Founder Chairman of the Trust, Sri A. Sadananda Shetty, is a recipient of the Dakshina Kannada Rajyotsava award.

Prides itself on being a strong base for numerous professional colleges catering to streams ranging from Fashion Designing and Physiotherapy to Engineering and Management. A vast number of students drawn from different parts of the country are trained within the portals of these institutions.

Established itself in this field with an outstanding reputation for providing the best in academic pursuits. The Trust, whose focus has been on providing professional training for a variety of vocations stands proud with a heritage of excellence and experience in the field of education. This is reflected through the increasing number of courses it has on offer, catering to the demands of modern industry.

College offers students the opportunity to pursue Management studies by introducing BBM, BCA, and B.Com courses. These courses lay the foundation for the future leaders of tomorrow’s business world.


Mangalore is the city that plays host to a multi-dimensional range of activities that include banking, software, education, and healthcare and carries with it an air of distinction that’s uniquely laudable. It has evolved into a center of excellence in more ways than one in recent times. The vibrant city nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats rides high on the crest of fame endowed by myriad educational institutions providing the base for many a professional career.


 College of Management


Indian Industry is now on the threshold of emerging into a global economic powerhouse. this rapid growth that the Indian Industry is witnessing provides ample opportunities as well as challenges for Corporates. Thus Management Education today enjoys pride of place among the various streams of education for the young generation. The exponential growth witnessed in the business and industrial sectors has attracted talented youth in search of a promising future.

In both manufacturing and services, leadership and talent are increasingly in demand. Forces of globalization and competition call for world-class managerial capabilities. To meet these emerging challenges,  College provides three portfolios of programs – the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Management (BBM) and the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), which are vital for today’s world of business. These academic programs mark a qualitative and quantitative shift towards meeting the growing demand for managerial talent.

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Management is designed to educate students in the fundamental principles of management. It focuses on people management and management techniques required in the various aspects of the industry, be it finance, Accounting, Marketing, Communications, etc. Today’s managers need to identify the abilities, skills, and motivational factors of individuals and channelize these to meet organizational goals with high levels of efficiency.

The global business arena is in the midst of a metamorphosis. But one thing is certain, whatever the challenge, the students will rise up to it. In an environment where one often has to run hard to stand still, this institute prides itself on the fact that its students walk confidently ahead of the rest.


 College of Computer Applications


Computers are pervading every aspect of life. The boom in the computer software industry has proved this to be right. Demand for computer professionals has increased manifold, not just in India but all over the world. One of the careers which are trying to fulfill this demand for computer professionals over the last few years is the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA). All over India, there is a tremendous demand for this field of study, which is being fueled by the phenomenal growth of the software industry, which has consistently grown by 35% year on year and is slated to gross US$ 50 billion in the next two years. If one takes a well-informed decision based on one’s aptitude and is able to excel in the industry, the opportunities are unlimited.


Shree Devi Institute of technology


In recent years, Mangalore has evolved into a center of excellence in more ways than one. Yet its most outstanding identity remains that of a premium educational hub that draws to its core numerous aspirants in search of a successful career. The city is host to a rich range of academic and professional institutes managed by renowned education Trusts launched under prestigious banners. The Shree Devi Education Trust prides itself on being a strong base for numerous professional colleges catering to streams ranging from Engineering and Management to Fashion Designing and Physiotherapy. Shree Devi Education Trust, established in the year 1992, started  Institute of Technology, Kenjar, Mangalore, affiliated to Visveswaraya Technological University, Belgaum, and recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi in the year 2006.

College’s aim is to provide students with a rich and intense learning environment so that they acquire the knowledge and skills needed for succeeding in their professional as well as personal lives. A team of dedicated faculty, a brilliant student community, excellent technical and support staff, and an effective administration have all contributed to the preeminent status of the college.

Offers opportunities to students to pursue Management (MBA), Computer Application (MCA) , Engineering (BE, M.Tech.) and Research (Ph. D.) in an ambiance of natural beauty. The campus is set amidst the vibrant surroundings of suburban Mangalore. The modern buildings house excellent state-of-the-art laboratories and instructional facilities relevant to the course of study. Well-qualified staff augments infrastructural resources for the overall benefit of the students.


College of Nursing


Mangalore is home to a plethora of academic institutions that provide an excellent platform for the launching of promising careers. Among the educational establishments of quality, Shree Devi Education Trust occupies a place of justifiable pride.

Founded by philanthropists with extensive experience in the field of educational administration, the Trust has emerged as a pioneering organization that caters to the multi-dimensional needs of those seeking challenging streams of study for a rewarding future.
Offers the best of training facilities in this noble profession, supported by technical and clinical amenities of the highest quality.


 College of Hotel Management


Famed for banking and academic excellence, Mangalore is home to various educational institutions that offer wide-ranging courses of study to those seeking the latest in career opportunities. Shree Devi Education Trust has established itself in this field with an outstanding reputation of providing the best of infrastructure, faculty, and provisions for worthwhile academic pursuits that lead to promising careers. With numerous career-oriented courses offered through its various institutions, the Trust provides a meritorious base for those who aspire for quality education.

Established in the year 1992, caters to one of the most popular modern career options in the hospitality sector which has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

Today, hospitality is the world’s largest generator of jobs, and in the next ten years, this global industry will continue to add another 130 million jobs. The unprecedented growth in hospitality has created a skyrocketing demand for trained manpower in this industry.

Offers a unique, comprehensive, and balanced hotel management program where academic learning is mixed with hands-on work experience at hotel and resort properties.

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Hospitality Science is designed to educate students in the fundamental principles of hospitality education, focusing on professional services and management techniques required by this specialist sector of the services industry.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Technology & Food Nutrition and Dietetics is proposed with the objective of developing a job-oriented program for placement in the Food Industry or to enable startups in the emerging field of Food Technology. The course content has been prepared to keep in view, the unique requirements of B.Sc. Food Technology Students.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  •  Impart knowledge of various areas related to Food technology
  •  Enable students to understand the composition of food and its physicochemical, nutritional, microbiological, and sensory/quality aspects
  •  Familiarize students about processing and preservation technologies of fruits, vegetables, pulses, oilseeds, spices, meat, fish, poultry, milk, & milk products
  •  Emphasize the importance of food safety, food quality, food plant sanitation, food laws and regulations, food engineering, and packaging in the food industry.

Moving on from courses centered on professional training in the areas of food and beverage, culinary arts, and guest services, Hospitality Science has at present incorporated hotel and restaurant management in its scope of study, through the development of its educational philosophy along with business principles.

The course is oriented towards providing a sound base in hands-on management along with a concentration on food and beverages operations. Students learn through practical, technique-oriented programs in the kitchen, service, and housekeeping departments. Their involvement in the activities of the Training Restaurant helps the students in practicing the principles learned in the lab and classroom.

With dedicated hospitality professionals and experienced educators, the institution has definitely set a new benchmark in hospitality education. It operates on the philosophy of combining knowledge of management theory and substantial first-hand knowledge of the practical aspects of hospitality, successfully balancing academic learning with hands-on training.


The prestigious ‘National Gold Star Award’ from International Business Council for outstanding achievements.

‘National Udyog Excellence Award’ for pioneering service in the field of hospitality education.
Students bagged  First Rank in  Mangalore University examination during the past 8 years.


College of Fashion Design


The charming coastal town of Mangalore forms the perfect setting for academic institutions of caliber, a fact endorsed by the inflow of students to the city from all over the country. Various vocational courses that find popular relevance to modern lifestyles are on offer at Shree Devi Educational Trust. This renowned organization manages a wide range of colleges in the heart of the city, focused on training aspiring youth in the nuances of various career opportunities. These institutions create proficient professionals with the ability to serve with sincerity and dedication.

With the College of Fashion Design, Shree Devi offers an institution of excellence that provides comprehensive and specialized training in the course. This college has the distinction of being the second one to offer this course in South India and first rank in Mangalore University from last 7 years.  College was set up to facilitate the expression of creative urges among students and help them choose an upcoming field of professional education. Founded by educationalists with vast and varied experience in the arena of collegiate education, the college offers training in the promising field of fashion designing.

Modern lifestyles have created a huge demand for fashion designers who play an important role in making fashion statements of the times. The institutions available to train oneself in this profession are grossly inadequate, and hence there is a pressing need to set up more colleges that impart specialized training in this stream of study.

College offers a three-year Bachelor’s degree course in Fashion Design. In these three years which constitute six semesters, students are exposed to a plethora of fashion fundamentals such as Concepts of Design, History of Indian & Western costume, Pattern making, Computer-Aided Design, and Elementary textiles. With progressive semesters, the students become more surefooted with added inputs on Fashion accessories, Photography, Craft documentation, Career guidance, Quality control, and Apparel production techniques. The finishing touches are provided with the 2-month industry internship, wherein the students get hands-on experience at applying classroom theories to real-life situations.

Today’s fashion industry provides a wide array of job opportunities in export and buying houses to choose from viz Merchandiser ( the link between the company/exporter and the buyer), In-house Designer (the eyes and hands that visualize & create aesthetic, functional designs) and Production Manager (one who turns the designer’s dream into reality by getting the outfits fabricated). All these are significant from the point of view of the fact that one does always have the option of starting his/her own boutique or launching a label.

The role of fashion professionals trained from an institute such as ours in movies and other electronic media is important. Speaking of success in terms of name and fame, the sky is the limit for a fashion designer today.

The college has the credit of bagging a number of prizes in various inter-college fashion show contests and also offers a two-year Diploma course in Fashion Designing.


College Of Pharmacy


Mangalore, the vibrant city nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, rides high on the crest of fame endowed by myriad educational institutions providing the base for many a professional career.

The city teems with a large number of students from all over the country and abroad attracted by the excellent educational options available over here in any institutions of repute.

Among those centers of scholarly pursuits that pave the way to promising futures, the name of Shree Devi Education Trust figures prominently. On the foundation of this establishment have sprung various professional colleges that cater to the burgeoning needs of those in search of viable, career-oriented education.

Located in serene locales in Mangalore, the college campus incorporates the advantages of academic excellence and structural grace in tranquil surroundings.





  • Shree Devi Institute of Technology
  • Shree Devi College of Pharmacy
  • Shree Devi College of Physiotherapy
  • Shree Devi College of Nursing
  • Shree Devi College of Allied Health Sciences
  • Shree Devi College of Hotel Management
  • Shree Devi College of Interior Design
  • Shree Devi College of Fashion Design
  • Shree Devi College of Information Science
  • Shree Devi Institute of Social Work

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Cris. Samuel

Cris. Samuel


No negative remarks only positive always because no negative is there because most is positive and most is positive since both and all things is never always a negative thing in the life and hence it is good




I really like my college and the college is definitely the best college of the city because of the infrastructure and all of the other social programs which help us to develop our confidence. The infrastructure of our college is well equipped with the library, museum and other types of labs.




Good college with years of experience but Food Technology has just begun here. Good location just below airport. Good locatiy with peaceful and serene atmosphere with minimal pollution Very nature friendly area

Akshatha. Shetty

Akshatha. Shetty


In my opinion it is the one of the good physiotherapy colleges in Mangalore. In university results of BPT every year Sree devi College is always along with pass percentage of Father Mullers Medical college.

Muhammad. Rizwan

Muhammad. Rizwan


The great place to study, teachers are friendly

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