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About The College

The South East Asian Education Trust was established in the year 2000 with the main objective to provide academic excellence to all sections of the society. The Trust focus on imparting quality education, disciplined integrated personality development, research, management skills to face the Global Challenges.

The campus at South East Asian Education Trust with its extensively landscaped garden, is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in Bangalore, harmoniously combining buildings and open spaces. S.E.A.E.T prides itself on its world-class facilities, Intermingled with the heritage protected building and state of the art teaching and research facilities, including lecture and performance theaters, tutorial space, studios and laboratories. S.E.A.E.T has computer laboratories throughout the campus, carrying the latest software & hardware in general and subject-specific.


To strengthen our society by providing quality and socially relevant legal education and produce professionally competent lawyers, who can provide best legal services to every common man and to inculcate in every one a sprit of high moral and human values, and to promote commitment to rule of law and legal consciousness in order to sustain and strengthen our democracy.


To make the institution vibrant in the field of legal education and one of the best in the country to provide systematic education and produce law graduates who lead the country in the right direction. To elevate the college to the level of the nation’s top-tier law schools by building good academic excellence. To strive for excellence in the legal profession and promote innovative research activities to create a platform for various opportunities in their career.


Our goal is to create efficient and eminent Legal Luminaries in the field of Law with a view to strengthen, promote and sustain effective Teaching and learning Legal Skills through innovative methods.

Academic Facilities

SEA LAW College is embedded with comprehensive academic facilities with a view to develop students legally and academically. The institution also provides innumerable academic facilities in terms of inviting Judicial Officers, organizing national & internationl seminars, conferences, legal workshops and drafting, pleading and conveyancing methodologies adopted to facilitate LAW Students to learn and imbibe legal skills and research in the field of Law.

Moot Court Hall

SEA LAW College has excellent Moot Court Facility for conducting intra & inter moot court competitions.

Law Library

LAW library is the backbone of any legal institution. At SEA, we have a complex legal authenticated text books & law journals

Computer Lab

The Institution has excellent Computer Lab with Wi-Fi facility to facilitate Law students to explore online web resources.


SEA Law College has wide & spacious class rooms which are well built and accomplished with good infrastructure.


SEA Law College organize conferences, Seminars with a view to enhance the Legal knowledge of the students.

Court Visits

At SEA, Students are provided with the facility of visiting Supreme Court, High Courts and Trial Courts.

Jail Visits

As a part of Academic curriculum the College organizes central Jail Visits every year.

Legal Aid Camps

Legal Aid Camps are organized at rural areas to spread legal awarness & free Legal Aid to the needy.

Campus Facilities

Medical Facilities

The Institution extends medical facilities as and when required. As the Institution has Nursing College who are ever ready to co-ordinate with other departments of the SEA Group of Institutions with regard to medical aid and assistance. We also organize blood donation camps, periodical health check-ups to all. Doctors from well reputed hospitals are being invited to conduct various health camps. During Covid Pandemic the Institution has played a major role in ensuring the Covid Protocol while conducting off-line examination as well.

Hostel Facilities

SEA Group of Institutions has seperate hostel facilities for Boys & Girls including National and Internationl hostel facilities based on the interest of students from various states of the country & abroad. As the Institution is very safe and secured place for students to stay at hostels with a view to utilize their academic potential to the fullest. The hostel facility at SEA is excellent and gives priority to the safety and standard food protocols. The hostels are monitered with 24/7 CCTV coverage in order to ensure the safety of students. Special focus is given to the students towards their study hours.

Transport Facilities

SEA Group of Instutions has spread its name and fame world-wide for its extraordinary and excellent facilities extended towards student community of all branches. SEA Law College being the important part of SEA Group of Institutions has made the law students to avail the transport facilities available at the Institution which is cost effective and safe and secure for the development of students. As the transport facility has availed by variuos Law students is of opinion that, our transport facility is the best compared to all others in terms of time management, security, safety, cleanliness and individual care till they reach their destination.

Sports Facilities

SEA Group of Institutions at par with excellent sports facilities at the campus. The founding chairman of the Institions has a foresight with regard to the overall development of each and every student of the institution as a whole. The founding chairman has laid special emphasis for sports activities and due importance was always attached to all events conducted at SEA Group of Instutions. On the basis of our honourable founding chairman’s wish towards the sports all departments are playing a prominant role by conducting annual sports events for students to strengthen the physical & mental competency of the students


SEA Group of Instutions has well built cafeteria for the beinfit of students. Varity of tasty and healthy foods are prepared on a daily basis. Due deligence is attached while cooking and serving food the students with regard to hygine. During leisure hour students and faculties will make best use of cafeteria facility.

Student Welfare Committees

Anti Ragging Cell

Legal Aid Committee

Human Rights Cell

Mediation Cell

Girls Students Grievance Redressal Cell

SC/ST Cell

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell

Student Union


  • Lush Green and Attractive Campus
  •     Moot Court Hall
  •     Law Library
  •     Computer Lab with Wi-Fi Facility
  •     Excellent Classrooms
  •     Legal Services Clinics
  •     Medical Facilities
  •     Hostel Facilities
  •     Transport Facilities
  •     Sports Facilities
  •     Cafeteria
  •     Auditorium
  •     Seminar Hall
  •     Conference Hall

Accommodation facility 

  • Separate hostels for boys & Girls in the college campus.
  • The rooms are comfortable & well furnished.
  • The campus cafeteria offers excellent food in variety of cuisines.
  • Round the clock medical facilities.
  • 24 hours’ security & House- keeping facility.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited and strict discipline ins maintained.
  • Separate hostel for international students.

Anti-Ragging Measures


  • Ragging is “STRICTLY PROHIBITED” both inside and outside the college campus and in Hostels.
  • As per section 116 of the Karnataka education act. 1983 (Karnataka Act no.1 of 1995) Ragging.
  • Anti -Ragging committee and Anti-Ragging squads comprising of senior faculty and warden are constituted to deal with ragging related incidents.
  • If any incident of Ragging comes to the notice of the authorities, the concerned student shall be liable for action as per the law, if found guilty.


SEA Law College provides various facilities to the student community. With regard to sports special importance is attached.

There are multiple benefits gained through the involvement of student in sports. This will also help to develop teamwork, perseverance and responsibility, physical endurance, commitment, time management and health. Sports are an integral part of college. SEA Law College is one among the best college in Bangalore that focuses on holistic development with regard to sports and also encourages students to participating in various inter-college sports and also in district and state level competitions. The campus facilities for outdoor activities such as basketball and football and an indoor stadium for badminton, table tennis and other games, The sports activities ensures all-round development of Law the students.


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