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MVM Group of Institutions



MVM group of institutions is synonymous with excellence in higher education. Best institutions located in Yelahanka, a major city on the way to Bangalore International Airport. The MVM group comprises of colleges of paramedical, Viz :  MVM Pharmacy, MVM Physiotherapy, MVM Allied Health Sciences, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore and MVM College of Arts, Science, Commerce and Management, and MVM College of Speech and Hearing also affiliated to Bangalore City University, Bangalore.

With the vision of making MVM Group as offering multi-disciplinary  programs, the first college of MVM Nursing was started in the year 2004. Then Colleges of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Science, Nephropathy and Yogic Science were initiated under affiliation to RGUHS.

Stabilizing the above said programs under RGUHS, MVM Group got  therefore, started MVM College of Arts Science & Management, and MVM College of Speech and Hearing under Bangalore City University.

These were possible because of the untiring efforts from visionary educationists – Sri M V Muniraj, Chairman of MVM Educational Trust; Sri Mukesh Surana, Director, MVM Group of Institutions; Sri Ravichanda, Director, MVM Group of Institutions.

All the colleges under MVM Group of Institutions are managed by MVM Educational Trust. Smt. C.K. Shantha Venkatesh is the founder member of MVM Educational Trust.







The library and the information center of MVM Group of Institutions  housed with a comprehensive collection of textbooks, reference books, CD-ROMs, Periodicals/Journals, E-Books in the field of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. The collection thus , organized using DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) 22/e. The library has all the books recommended by the AICTE, PCI, RGUHS and other regulatory bodies.

The digital library at MVM Group of Institutions caters to the needs of the students, teachers and the researchers, to access the E-books, Notes, and online tutorial classes round the clock. The library also has access to thousands of E-Journals including E-resources from Elsevier, ProQuest, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Helinet Consortium and National Digital Library(NDL).

The college also has a dedicated language lab according to the norms of AICTE. The language lab has 20 computers. The students can also access the online courses through the SWAYAM forum.


research labs


Instruments Available:

  • Flow Cytometer (The MACSQuant Analyser) – Model: Miltenyi Biotec, Germany
  • Inverted Florescent Microscope (The EVOS Fluorescence Imaging System)- Model: EVOS FL, Life Technologies.
  • Cell Sorter (The MiniMACS Separator)- Model: Miltenyi Biotec, Germany.
  • Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR)- Model: ECO RT-PCR, Illumina.
  • Oxygen control CO2 incubators (O2 – CO2 Incubator (For Normoxic/Hypoxic Growth Conditions)- Model: Thermo Scientific.
  • Protein Purification Unit (The Biologic LP System)- Model: Bio-Rad.
  • Fibrometer (STart4 Coagulation Analyzer)-Model: Diagnostica Stago Inc.
  • SPECTROstar Nano-Model: BMG LABTECH, Germany.




girls hostel


Ladies hostel staff ,very friendly and welcoming, the premises , clean and tidy, always including the bathrooms. The bedrooms maintained comfy. Added feature with easy proximity to restaurants, medical shops, hospitals, bus and auto stands all the above convenience also available worthy for the money you shell out.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  provided with the utmost care and high competency with varieties of food coupled with quality and hygiene catering practices . Grievances on any of the services offered deal with immediate action by the ladies hostel wardens to ensure quality service offered without any interruption for the hostel inmates. The staffs well disciplined, caring and also cooperative to the inmates of the hostel and always ready to provide assistance to their immediate requirements. The hostel warden makes necessary arrangements for required provisions for to satisfy the personal needs of the inmates of the ladies hostel


boys hostel


At MVM, provide the best facilities for students who stay away from their homes. The excellent residential facilities carefully planned according to international standards. Our hostels on the campus offer well-ventilated, comfortable rooms with separate hostels for both girls and boys. These hostels will accommodate more than 400 students comfortably. Mean while , hostel cleanliness comforts to ace hygiene standards. Mess facilities are also available to provide the hosteler with nutrition’s and quality food





Affiliated to RGUHS

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College is good. Faculty too.. Faculty helps as in studies very much… One of the demerit is hostel.. But it’s not compulsory. Food is also not good. College is good. They gave as maximum freedom. Teachers are supportive. They take as for the medical camp. As a physiotherapy students for me it is most important in our medical life to understand livelihood of normal people. I think one of the good grewing up colleges in Bangalore.there are wide varieties of courses.




This is the best choice that u can make if u r searching for a college to make your future bright. Campus atmosphere, teaching staffs and management faculties are the best as they stand with us in any worst conditions. Hostel is also safe and secure.




I m studying here and I m Happy with my college and it’s facilities. Good teaching staff, IELTS training, extracurricular activities , student development programs etc. One of the best choice.👍👍




Best college
Well developed infrastructure
Good hostel facilitys🙂
Well experienced teaching staffs ☺️




One of the best college..high qualified teachers facilities and good infrastructure … only the negative part is hostel… thts not compulsory 😀..good place for study….




Very very bad college. I am studying here. There is no facilites as shown in the bronchure. Hostel is very bad.very bad food, bad administraters,…not in an ideal location, and also no affilitations for management courses. No one choose this college. I am trapped here.No experinced teachers here. All are new staffs




Very Bad COLLAGE. Lost of money.
Management is very Bad. College Hostel is not Available. College food are very bad.All Agents are cheated students.The COLLAGE don’t understand anything with expect money. After leaving 2 mouth I cancel my admission from this collage.If you save your life Dont take admission in this collage.

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