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Indian Academy Group of Institutions , Indian Academy Education Trust (IAET)Bengaluru established by Dr. T. Somasekhar, who is a visionary academician and a dynamic leader. The Trust’s vision of offering top quality higher education solutions is ably nurtured by dedicated and accomplished trustees. Systematic execution of long cherished plans resulted in the establishment of many educational institutions in the last two decades. These institutions aim to impart formal, full-time education, are duly recognized by the State and Central Governments, and have been established and approved as per the guidelines of Statutory Bodies.



Indian Academy Group of Institutions



Indian Academy Degree College Autonomous – IADCA

  • Indian Academy Pre University College – IAPUC
  • Indian Academy College of Nursing – IACN
  • Indian Academy School of Nursing – IACN
  • IA School of Management Studies – IASMS
  • Indian Academy Evening College – IAEC





A number of centres have also been established in order to support the objectives and enrich the functioning of the formal institutions mentioned above. A few of them are:

  • Indian Academy Centre for Research & Post Graduate Studies – IACRPGS
  • Indian Academy Centre for Professional Excellence – IACPE
  • Indian Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning – IACEL
  • Sri Aurobindo Centre for Education in Human Values – SACEHV
  • Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services – IACSPS




Lecture Halls


Lecture halls at the Indian Academy Group of Institutions have been constructed very carefully keeping comfort, ventilation and modern facilities in mind.

All lecture halls have functionally designed modern furniture and have been interfaced with ICT and multimedia-friendly plug and play audiovisual facilities.



Libraries in individual Institutions oftheIndian Academy Group designed to serve the growing needs of learning and holistic education. The library equipped with necessary learning resources to promote research andself learning. The Indian Academy Library and Information Centre host to a vast number of titles, in multiple disciplines, ranging from standard and prescribed textbooks/reference books to research literature. The library also has subscriptions to periodicals and research journals in every discipline; and additions made periodically as per the recommendations ofthe Staff andLibrary Advisory Committee.

Ready reference services that help students access and search reference resources across libraries, locker facilities; computer-aided retrieval, inter-library loan facilities with other established libraries such as the British Library etc. aresome ofthe features of IAGI Libraries.  Automated with EasyLib Library Automation Software.

Labs & IT Infrastructure


In all the Institutions of IAGI, laboratories established to support various disciplines with adequate facilities and necessary equipment. Laboratories extensively used for experiential learning achieved through experimentation and research. Appropriate safety procedures and protocols in place and are subject to continuous refinement. Full-fledged laboratories with high-end equipment have established in a number of departments such as Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Genetics, Microbiology, Physics and Psychology etc. to name a few. Apart from these facilities, additional learning resources also made available in the form of dedicated Language Laboratory, and Business and Commerce Laboratory.

Laboratories equipped to promote research among faculty and students. Advanced facilities have provided to encourage and assist in research activities, for disciplines like Molecular Biology, Life Sciences and Genetic Engineering.

Extensive use of ICT  a key feature of learning at IAGI. The campuses Wi-Fi enabled. An independent, institutional server houses a structured Knowledge Management System, and digital resources. Computers used for instructional purposes equipped with the latest software. A Campus Management Software enables easy access to information; for students: resources such as lesson plans, reference material, course curriculum, schedules etc; for teachers: resources like additional teaching material, student profiles, easy tracking and monitoring of student performance, appraisal methods and forms; for parents: easy tracking and monitoring of ward’s progress, feedback from faculty etc.

Hostel Accommodation


The boarding accommodation made available by our group of institutions, for students who choose to live close to the campus, a home away from home.Separate housing and dining facilities  available for boys and girls, in hostel blocks that specifically established for the students of Indian Academy Group of Institutions. These premises located very close to the campuses of IAGI.

Well-ventilated and adequately lit. Well-trained security staff extend round the clock security to our hostelites. Each room furnished with suitable furniture and has access to washrooms, reading rooms, indoor sports area, etc. Full-fledged dining facilities ensure fresh food served on a regular basis. In-house wardens  the custodians of hostels,who ensure smooth functioning.



We recognize the importance of physical and emotional outlets for a well-balanced campus experience. Thus, in every institution of IAGI, we have a Physical Education Department with anadequate number of qualified staff to implement games and athletic activities throughout the year. Indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities made available to students.

Students coached and trained for intra and intercollegiate/university tournaments.

Athletic & Field Events conducted at IAGI: Super 8 Mini Football Tournament, Cricket, Shot put, Javelin Throw, Basket ball, Long Jump, High Jump; Sprints, Hurdles & Relays; Throw ball; Kho – Kho, Volley Ball, Badminton, Tug-o-war; Indoor games: Table Tennis, Strategy & Board Games, Scrabble.



IAGI understands the requirement for an exclusive fleet of vehicles for transportation purposes. These vehicles provide pick up and drop facilities for academic and co-curricular activities, for Clinical/Hospital posting in the case of the College of Nursing and for inter-college events & fests etc.

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