BSc Neuroscience Technology

About The Course

B.Sc Neuroscience technology / Bachelor of science in neuroscience is a 3 years full-time undergraduate program. Neuroscience technology is a healthcare branch that deals with the use of technology and equipment in the scientific study of the nervous system .Neuroscience deals with the structure and function of the brain and nervous system. The subjects of study are neurochemistry, experimental physiology or any science of the brain/nervous system. Bsc or bachelor of science in neuroscience technology courses focuses on instilling complete knowledge about different approaches used to study the functioning of the nervous system with the help of technological advancements. A neuroscience technologist can acquire specializations in different fields, from neuroanatomy to neuropsychology. They are allied health professionals who are qualified to perform diagnostic procedures like, evoked potentials (EP)electroencephalograms (E E G), nerve conduction studies (N C S), electronystagmograms (ENG ) and polysomnograms(P S G). They usually work under physicians and assist them in collecting and analysing the data about the diagnostic parameters related to the functioning of the nervous system. Certified Neuroscience technologists can also formulate pharmaceuticals for neurological disorders. The scope of neuroscience technology is continuously broadening and qualified professionals of the discipline can seek both medical and non-medical career opportunities.

More Details About BSc Neuroscience Technology


10+2 ( Physics Chemistry & Biology )


4 years

After completing BSc Neuroscience Technology you will become :


The duties of neuroscientists are:
  • performing research in health care institutions or laboratories.
  • Evaluating, diagnosing, and treating patients.
  • Operating equipment used to monitor brain and nerve activities.
  • Creating computer-generated models to study and experiment
  • Measuring the function of the peripheral nerves responsible for movement and sensation

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