BA Human Resource Management

About The Course

B.A. Human Resource Management or Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management is an undergraduate Management course. Human Resource or the manpower of a company plays a key role in the organization’s development of their skills and creativity. Human Resource Management (HRM) earlier known as personnel management or labour welfare and industrial relations, is a highly competitive and sought-after profession in the field of management. It involves recruiting personnel and their training, salary administration and handling union-management relations. Every industry, business and trade need Human Resource Development Managers or HR managers for the successful administration and maintenance of their workforce. They focus on all the activities an organization implements and assist employees in all areas, including boosting their morale and giving training and coaching to maximize their abilities. The duration of the course is three years and it career orienting in nature that opens many job scopes for the candidates after it.

More Details About BA Human Resource Management

B.A. Human Resource Management Eligibility

Students with 10+2 or its equivalent from a recognized school board.

Some of B.A. Human Resource Management Specializations
  • Retention
  • Motivation
  • Labour Relations
  • Labour Legislation
  • Industrial Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Labour Welfare and Social Security
B.A. Human Resource Management Course Suitability
  • Candidates must have the skills like organization, multitasking and discretion and business ethics.
  • They need to consider the needs of both employees and management. There are times you must make decisions to protect the individual, and other times when you protect the organization, its culture, and values.
  • They should be of the mindset that to seek improvement and innovation as well as remediation; they also use technology and other means to continuously improve the HR function itself.
  • They should have team orientation skills as well.
How is B.A. Human Resource Management Course Beneficial?
  • They can go for jobs both in commercial as well as non-profit making establishments. It is the duty of the HR or Personal Manager to select such appropriate employees to improve the productivity of the company.
  • The tasks and activities done by a human resource professional include developing job profiles, screening and interviewing candidates, administering and coordinating tests, conducting background checks of prospective employees and their training. In fact, Human resource management is all about the management of work and people in an organization.
  • The graduation degree course also gives a good base for further higher studies like Master’s degree and so on.
  • They can also find jobs in corporate houses, multinational companies, banking and financial institutions and public and private sector industries.
B.A. Human Resource Management Employment Areas
  • Computer Systems Design Companies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Companies & Enterprises
  • Hospitals
  • Local Governments
  • Employment Services
B.A. Human Resource Management Job Types
  • Manager
  • Employee Benefits Manager
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Employment Interviewer
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialist
  • Occupational Analyst
  • Training Specialist
  • Employee Welfare Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Labour Relations Manager
Advance Courses in B.A. Human Resource Management
  • M.A. (Human Resource Management)
  • M.Phil. (Human Resource Management)
After completing B.A. (Human Resource Management) you can become:

Human Resource Development Manager

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