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Acharya Polytechnic College located in Bengaluru (Bangalore), the Silicon Valley of India, It is a premier polytechnic established in the year 1990 offering a diploma in engineering programmes, and is counted among the best polytechnic college in Bangalore. Located in a sprawling campus of 120 acres, amidst serene surroundings, we offer a wide range of 3-year Diploma programmes in Engineering, Non-Engineering, and Technology fields. Acharya Polytechnic offers top-notch amenities making it the best polytechnic college in Bangalore. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure with spacious, well-ventilated, well-lit, and equipped classrooms, workshops, laboratories, and seminar halls along with a well-stocked library and sporting facilities.

The college offers programmes in over 11 specializations and has been ranked amongst the top diploma colleges in Bangalore. Over its 30 years of academic services, we have been able to create opportunities for our students worldwide. Being NBA accredited exemplifies the quality of education we provide here for our students which is a unique achievement compared to polytechnic colleges in Bangalore.

Beyond the syllabus prescribed by the University, Acharya Diploma College ensures quality for our students through various hands-on workshops, seminars, webinars, industrial visits, and much more, making us one of the best polytechnic colleges in Bangalore, India. Our state of the Art library enables students an uninterrupted environment to focus and study. We also provide access to several e-resources and online courses to up-skill our students. Acharya Polytechnic college offers the finest amenities and world-class learning experience!


Polytechnic Highlights



The students immensely gain by the best practices put forth such as:

  • 10 Specialisation in Polytechnic
  • Faculty with Industry and Academic Experience
  • Interactive Learning with experienced professionals of respective field
  • India’s Best Digital Enabled Library
  • Learning through practical orientation
  • State of the Art Sports Facility
  • Collaboration with reputed healthcare institutions
  • Value Addition through Certification Programmes

Intelligent Infrastructure



The Acharya infrastructure is designed to suit the needs of each department, from well planned and strategically placed study spaces to congregational areas for students to gather and discuss, Acharya has truly thought through every inch of the campus to add purpose to the Acharyan Experience, once again which is unique to Acharya when compared to other diploma colleges in Bangalore. Labs, innovation centres, centres of excellence all cater to the development of students on subject matters whereas auditoriums, amphitheatres, etc. help in nurturing the creative growth of students.


Unique Learning



  • Classroom theoretical sessions with practical orientation
  • Hands-on training in labs and workshops
  • Reference library and e-learning through subscription to Internet journals
  • Interactive learning through seminars and symposia
  • Subject experts and eminent industry figures guided research and project work through an industry mentorship programme
  • Group dynamics involving club activities
  • Outbound learning, industry visits and educational tour
  • International Summer/Winter School with our partner institutions

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – the Central Library, at the heart of the Campus, provides an ideal environment for intellectual inquiry with its multiple Study Spaces, Research Assistance, and Reading, Learning and Instructional Resources. The State-of-the-Art ICT facilities established to provide much-needed services to support excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research, and Extension.


Facilities in Acharya Polytechnic College



All efforts ,constantly put in to provide the best facilities for residents living in Acharya Halls of Residence. Every resident has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support on the campus. Besides the regular Residence’s dining facilities, there are affordable food services within the campus that provide inexpensive and easily accessible lunch or evening snack options. Acharya Institutes, with its beautiful landscape and carefully tended gardens, provide an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience and encourage to participate in various committees in Hall Events such as Cultural, Discipline, Sports, Mess, and Maintenance. We make total efforts to make our residents feel “At Home” during their stay.




Acharya Halls of Residence runs 12 Residences (05 for Boys and 07 for Girls), with the capacity for 1500 residents, and accommodated in a single, double, three bedded rooms and common areas with TV and Newspaper. Residents can avail themselves of the sports facilities, horse- riding and other facilities. Well-equipped Laundry services are provided for residents. Each Residence thus managed under the supervision of the Chief Warden and Deputy Warden, who are the faculty members of Acharya along with the assistance of Managers and Supervisors.




Dining halls maintained with highly mechanized Kitchen and hygienic cooking infrastructure. We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Menu thus prepared according to the food habits and tastes of residents. Mess Committee meet to discuss the menu . International students have the option to choose existing mess facility or to cook.


Acharya Residence Life – Blocks


To begin with, the housing (hostel) facilities thus made as ‘homely’ as possible. With choices of single/shared furnished occupancies with or without kitchenettes. The life at the hostel is an extension of the academic pursuit of hte student. It helps them grow with a proper mix of care, discipline and personal space under the supervision of a warden. The large capacity laundromat, state of the art kitchen, backup electric power, solar powered energy, purified drinking water, WiFi connectivity, on-campus medical and ambulance facility ensure a hassle-free life for the students.


Academic Studios


A specially designed laboratory for Architecture and Designing Students. Learning Studios place learners in the position of defining the problems they want to solve and designing solutions for them. Through powerful technology, students can engage in activities and projects that expose them to skills and strategies.


Counselling Center


Acharya has a top-notch Counselling Center, which provide individual counselling, group counselling, and offers a wide range of career-related programs for students. Are you also confused about the right career to choose? Or want to know the most effective career objectives for an impactful life? Well, that’s something where our proficient counsellors can help you with. Counselling provided by trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of students. Providing in-depth knowledge about career alternatives assists people in navigating all the situations they face during their professional progression. Also, we recommend the most appropriate career options for every individual, as per their interest.




The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – the Central Library, provides an ideal environment for intellectual inquiry . The State-of-the-Art ICT facilities established to provide much-needed services to support excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research, and Extension.




Acharya’s unmatched sporting infrastructure along with its highly qualified coaches and instructors has made us one of the top institutions . The sporting culture of Acharya helps develop teamwork, leadership, tolerance and determination within our students.

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